A short time ago in a galaxy right here…


Episode Nine: Scribbles Through the Air

" DDDDIIIIIIEEEE!!!!" Eight yelled flying through the air as fast as he could. Flying at Jack, Eight was unleashing all of the power and energy he had at Jack. Jack dodged and blocked every single one. Getting frustrated, Eight rapidly punched at Jack's face, but Jack vanished and appeared behind him kicking Eight hard into the ground.

" THAT WAS SOOOO SAD!" Jack yelled smiling. Eight looked up and made tight fists. A drop of blood trickled into his eye and he thought to himself,

" He is way to fast than I am…I must do something about that." At that moment, Sina and his duplicate crashed into the ground really hard creating a crater a few meters wide. Eight shook his head with anger, " While I had to work my ass off to earn these powers, these morons had them for no reason…that’s how fair life is." He sighed and hovered one meter above the ground.

" What's the matter?" Jack asked grinning, " TIRED ALREADY? Someone hasn’t been eating all his vegetables! Someone, being YOU! HAHA!"

Eight took a deep breath and yelled back into the air, " I will not allow you to damage any soul on the face of this Earth Jack." Eight said valiantly. Jack raised an eyebrow and said,

" Lies…" And with that he randomly picked up a car on the road using telepathy and smashed it into a building. The car exploded and the driver was killed and presumed missing. Eight shook with fury and using all the energy he could muster, flew up into the air and blasted energy at Jack. Flying through the smoke, he vanished and quickly appeared behind Jack where he punched him rapidly in the back. With one mightly punch, Jack was smashed through 3 buildings creating holes in them.


" YOU DON’T EVER TELL ME WHAT TO DO! Cant you see I am fighting a war here? I cant keep track of all your plumber people!"

Eight flew through the holes and blasted energy at where Jack had landed. When the dust and smoke cleared, Jack was nowhere to be found. Then, Eight spun around as quickly as he could, but being slow Jack kicked him in the face!

" You scratched my favorite outfit…now I gotta steal another one from the drama department!" Jack yelled. Eight flew up ignoring the pain and Jack and Eight engaged in massive battle once more…

As they were battling, the sky was almost being torn by Code Reaper and Code Warrior. Both of them compiled to their greatest abilities and using all the memory there was available in the universe. Unfortunatly, hogging up all this memory had damaged a few of the universe's vital functions, such as dimension barrier stability…then again, all the crazy battles going on releasing as much energy as they were and the crazy portals opening up everywhere were also contributing to-

" CLOSE YOUR TALKING WINDOW NARRARATOR!" Code Reaper yelled. " Focus on the battle I am in!" He said in his HAL voice. Every time they slammed onto one another, a massive shockwave of code was released damaging many buildings. But as far as they were concerned, what mattered was victory, and only victory.

The two Jibrans were also flying through the air causing massive boom to the sky. Aside from them, Sina and his duplicate were doing the same, along with the millions of other ships and people flying through the sky creating scribbles in the air.

Chrissy ran up to Adit and Rama with Michelle and they both yelled, " WE GOT ACCESS TO THE NUKES IN THE STATES!"

Adit and Rama just stared, " And how exactly did you manage to get a hold of those?"

Chrissy shook her head and said, " I dunno! I just went to www.gimmeyournukesyouamericanbastards.com and they were there!"

Adit and Rama then said at the same time, " Excellent, we have to get some nukes on Jack, Code Reaper, Evil Jibby and Evil Sina. Then we will take out the rest of them easily!"

" YOU FORGOT US YOU BASTARD!" Tricia yelled from high above. Just barely dodging Celine, she added, " MENTION US!"

" Yeah yeah, and the bitches." Adit said quickly. " How long before the nukes will be ready?"

Michelle smiled and replied, " Soon."

" ALL YOUR ASSES ARE BELONG UP MY CANNON OF DESTRUCTION!" Issaque yelled flying through the air with his Gundam. He aimed his cannon at the flying telepaths and launched missiles and beams of energy at them killing one rebel all together. " OHHH!!! DISSSSSS…..IS WHAT I CALL WAR!" Issaque yelled flying away to blast others.

" AHHHHH!" Roddy yelled shooting evil furiously.

" RODDY! Stop shooting Nurdin!" Rama yelled. " Don’t waste your ammo on him! Kill the rebels up there!"

Nurdin gasped for air and said, " This is no good. Why am I always the one being blasted away?"

Ryan appeared out of nowhere and said, " Its all a part of popular culture, you wouldn’t understand." Nurdin was caught aghast by this and flapped his wings furiously.

" NOW BERT IS ANGRY!" And with that, something very interesting started to happen. A glow surrounded Nurdin and the skies started to shake. TO everyone's astonishment, a massive army of million upon millions of birds flew through the air like a black cloud of feathers. And then Nurdin did something no one expected him to do. He turned into Big Bert (not afflicted with Big Bird of sesame street). He now had golden feathers, a large beak and massive feathers. " NOW IT IS TIME TO SHOW THESE BASTARDS WHAT BIRD KIND IS MADE UP OF! FEATHERS AND MUSH! LETS KILLEM!" Bert yelled unleashing the vast army of birds upon the sky. Letting out a birdlike cry, he flew up into the air and started pecking at ships and rebels furiously.

The sky was now like a piece of paper, covered with scribbles and rips. But wait, there's more! At this same moment, the rebel army broke past the Galactian forces and started aiding the already here rebels. More chaos was added and now the sky wasn’t a sky…it was something from Picasso, and if Picasso had drawn a picture of it, he would have titled it, " Massive Bird, People, Gundam, Rebel, Galactian, Smoke, Fire, Boom, Energy and SPAM in sky."

Galictar flew out of the Galactian flag ship and increased the energy to his shield. He awaited the signal before he proceeded to the Earth.

" Galictar sir! The rebel portal has been located! We know where they are flooding from! I suggest we shut it down immediately, but we cannot because none of our weapons can hit it!"

Galictar sighed and said through the link, " I will take care of it. Make sure that our forces are ready when the time comes for my departure."

The commander said with must sadness in his voice, " As you wish sir. It has been a pleasure fighting by your side…"

" Pleasure? Your not gay are you?" Galictar asked out of the blue.

" Just overly joyed sir…" The commander replied.

" Ah, yes…very good." He flew towards the Earth with the glow around his shield increasing and increasing. He was gathering all of his energy for one blast, but he needed a bit more energy and a bit more destruction to the rebel forces before he did what was to be done…

" YOU AND YOUR CURLS COULDN’T HURT A FLY!" Sina yelled angrily.


" BASTARD!!! DO NOT CURSE THOSE CURSED NAMES!" They collided once more causing a loud bang to be heard in the sky. And then Sina got a brilliant idea. Sina and Sina were even, but there was one thing that would help him get rid of this intruder from another reality. He smiled as he yelled, " STAEDLER!" From the school came a vibration as a mechanical pencil flew out of the windows with a glow around it. It flew into Sina's hand and Sina lunged at the other Sina.

The other Sina blocked the pencil, but it was too powerful and he was sent flying into the ground. From the dust, he yelled, " PLAY FAIR! PENTEL!" Suddenly, the sky started to rumble as through one of the randomly appearing portals flew out a clear lead pencil. Sina saw it and flew towards it to break it before it got to Sina…it was too fast and Sina couldn’t fly that fast.

" STAEDLER! AFTER IT! STOP IT AT ALL COSTS!" Staedler flew out of Sina's hands and intercepted Pentel. The two collided in the air and made a drawing of scribbles.

" Ewww….that’s ugly in the sky…" Both Sina's said at the same time. They summoned the Pentel and Staedler erasers as well and wherever the pencils drew scribbles, the erasers erased to keep the scribbling to a minimum.

Below on the ground, Five and the other Comrads were concentrating as hard as they could to keep the shield up around the school. Suddenly from somewhere around the school, the ground started to shake and rumble. A large army of large beasts appeared. Riding the front one was Mr. Knapp.

" VOOLY MAMMOOF! ATTACK DEM!" The herd of elephants rushed through the streets trampling any rebels that were on the streets. And then Mr. Li flew in with many jetpacks. Combining their knowledge, Knapp and Li equipped the woolly mammoths with the jet packs allowing them to fly. There was some music coming from somewhere and it was wicked witch of the west music.

::insert wicked witch of the west music::

From out of nowhere, Britney flew in with the broom she had from War of Chaos I and said to herself, " WHAT THE HELL IS THIS? PARTY WITHOUT ME? CMON!" At that moment, a rebel flew in from nowhere and punched her to the ground. Getting up with utter anger, Britney yelled,

" Hit me baby one more time eh….WELL TAKE THIS!" She flew up into the air and started singing. The rebel turned to her and just floated there. And then he spoke a sentence that made Sina scream from wherever he was,

" Oh cmon! Galactians ALWAYS listen to Britney Spears…" Britney's eyes went wide, the rebels were immune to her singing! Now what was she going to do. Landing on the ground, she shook at Mrs. Barber-Kahro and yelled,


Having nothing better to do at that moment, Mrs. Barber-Kahro agreed and they walked into the school to write new lyrics for her songs.

As the battle went on, Chrissy and Michelle ran up to Adit and yelled, " ADIT ADIT ADIT! CRAP! WE FORGOT SOMETHING!"

" What did you forget?" Adit asked.

" WE FORGOT SOME STUFF IN OUR LOCKERS!" Adit frowned and went back to his business of shooting. Then in a much more casual way, Michelle and Chrissy said, " And we forgot to tell you to evacuate the area cause the nukes are coming."

Adit spun around, his eyes wide with fear. He lowered his gun and said, " HOLY POOP ON A STICK!" With the dimensional barrier being as weak as it was, a holy piece of poop on a stick flew in from somewhere and landed at Adit's feet.


Sheel appeared out of nowhere carrying the SAC microphone system and asked, "Will these do?" Adit grabbed a hold of the system immediately and yelled,

" EVERYONE LOOK AT ADIT!" Everyone turned to look at someone who was at it (it being mowing their lawns). " YOU IDIOTS! LOOK AT ME!" Everyone turned to Adit and he said, " I hate to alarm you all, but there are 5 or six nukes headed our way." Suddenly everything stopped. Everyone at Woodlands that wasn’t in the air stopped fighting. Adit was shocked. He had expected mass panic. He opened his mouth and said " Wow, I expected mass panic."

As if on cue, mass panic arose. The Woodlands students ran like a massive crowd of crazy ants. The Comrads followed them, maintaining a shield around the students as they ran away. People trampled on one another, pushing and shoving, screaming that they wanted to live. Adit yelled again, " IDIOTS! DON’T RUN CLOSER TO WHERE THE NUKES ARE GOING TO HIT!"

" WHY NOT? We want to get a good view!" Roddy yelled. Adit sighed and followed. The Woodlands students all massed around an area they felt would be where the nukes would hit. Directly under Jack, they were forced to relocate every time Jack fly away.

Running in circles, the massive crowd tried to locate itself directly under Jack so that they would see the massive nuclear explosion in the area. Of course everyone thought about as far as seeing the nukes explode, no one had thought of anything past that, and had failed to see the danger they were in.

Jack and Eight collided against one another's shields clashing across the skies like massive popcorn kernels exploding. Eight had his determination of defeating Jack. Jack had his determination of beating Eight. The two had become a paradox, neither willing to give up until the other was gone…and death wouldn’t stop them. They would fight even in death until the other one was gone.

Tricia and Celine were fighting at a much faster rate than Jack and Eight, but they were releasing much less energy. They flew through the air like two crazy mosquitoes, flying around.

Sina and his duplicate along with Jibran and his duplicate and Code Warrior and Code Reaper also fought along side Jack and Eight in what seemed to be an endless duel of cosmic proportions.

They fought very bravely, clearly focused on destroying their counterparts. Occasionally yelling profanities at one another, the cosmic beings clash through the sky, along side the billions of birds, ships, men, and mammoths that also dominated the air.

Mr. Knapp and five other teachers immediately located themselves under Jack.

" ON THE COUNT OF FREE! VON!" Mr. Knapp yelled, " TWO! FREE!" At that moment, all the teachers took out their laser pointers and aimed at Jack. A loud buzzing sound was heard as all over the area a voice from somewhere yelled,