In a chaotic area of time and space known as the Multiverse (or The Big Blobulate of Stars by several species) chaos co-exists with order. The two work almost uniformly to ensure that a balance between each other is kept. In all the multiverse, time and space flow forwards, not backwards, not forwards, but always twirling, TWIRLING TOWARDS FREEDOM! The multiverse has set up several laws (and believe me, they are not the laws of physics). They are the laws of chaos and order. The laws state that all universes must remain separate from one another to ensure the balance between chaos an order. These laws are said to be unbreakable.

For the sake of fun, let us also say, that they will eventually break…and when that happens, order fails to maintain balance, realities merge, people start to walk on their heads and odd things start to happen. So all for fun, let us break the barriers between two specific points in time and space, and see how the breakage of this one barrier, leads to the destruction of the entire Big Blobulate of Stars (the multiverse).

The massive ships crashed and rammed at one another in a furious effort to cross the portal. Comrad Five floated up to one specific shape and flew inside running towards Comrad Eight. Both being clones and having gone through a hell of a lot, the two were quite restless at this point.

The ship shook under Five's feet as he ran to the main bridge to find Comrad Eight. The ship shook again and Five found himself falling to the ground.

" Ah to hell with speech!" Five said angrily. He closed his eyes and opened a direct telepathic link with Comrad Eight.

Eight stared at the window, his dark hair and eyes being reflected off the surface of the window. Eight saw several ships that had only moments before been stationary fire and ram one another. Eight also saw that the universe around them had started to flicker with white energy as the collapse of the entire Multiverse closed in on them.

" I take it the speech didn’t go so well?" Eight heard a voice in his mind. It was Five. Eight shook his head and said,

" No, they were all too much like me. The moment I brought up the topic of who would enter the portal after us to escape destruction, they all lunged at one another's throats. The representatives of the weaker realities said that they had a right to live, and the representatives of the stronger realities said that their resources would be needed back in time." Eight replied.

" Damn." Five said. " You know, the ship has been rocking and shaking for quite some time now, do you think it is time for us to push our way through the portal?"

Eight realized that the ship had been rocking so much that he was now upside down. He saw a pair of feet walking up to him.

" Eight, our main forces are through the portal. Only 5 other ships including us remain, I say we go in there as soon as possible." They were the feet of Celine, Eight's love and companion throughout everything he had gone through. Her bright brown hair (otherwise known as brown/red) and dark eyes stared at him.

" My head hurts." Eight said unable to figure out why he had said such a dumb thing.

" Well, GET OFF IT!" Celine yelled helping Eight to his feet. Eight shrugged and said,

" I get the feeling that we are all dumbening." He then paused and shook his head again, " YOU SEE? What the hell is going on?"

" Comrad Eight, we have our ships lined up and awaiting your orders." A leftenant said at navigation.

Eight walked towards the window and stared outside. A massive portal the size of a quarter of the galaxy was before him and his people. To every corner or it, millions of ships were firing at each other in utter confusion in trying to get into the portal. They knew they only had a few moments remaining before the multiverse would collapse fully on itself. Eight nodded and motioned for the leftenant to signal the other ships.

In space, 5 large ships flew fast towards the portal dodging and occasionally hitting energy blasts from the other ships. Eight stared out the windows of the ship with a tear in his eye. He remembered everything he had gone through. The arrival of the Galactians, a race of brutal telepathic humans much like themselves. The crash of the timeline once before, and his return to Earth to fix everything up. Arriving back home to find it in ruins, fleeing their exploding planet and solar system, witnessing the death of their leader Comrad, witnessing the sacrificial death of Comrad Seven who had jumped in the way of a blast that surely would have killed Eight. The arrival of Jack Thorne, a renegade Galactian who hated all beings and had the power to destroy all. And the most recent events of the man whom he had been cloned from John Trenmill being killed by Jack, and the mergers of all realities trying to flee their destruction. Their only hope lay back on Earth where a horrible catastrophe had led to all the destruction and pollution in the timeline. They had to stop that catastrophe at all costs.

Their ships went through the portal and time and space attacked them on all sides. The 5 ships flew in just as the multiverse got real tired and collapsed on itself.

Jack Thorne stared out the windows of his flag ship with must glee on his face. Sitting in a chair facing the window, his dark features almost an exact duplicate of Eight's with the exception of the scar on his left eye stared back at him. His dark cape, and boots along with black gloves and armor gave him a sense of pride.

" Sir, we are now ready to travel back to Earth sir." A nervous officer said.

Jack grinned, " Good, good, I do hope the trip isn't as bumpy as last time." The nervous officer stood up straight and said,

" Sir no sir! We have been ensured a safe trip back to Earth SIR!"

Jack stood up, " You are bugging me." Without hesitation, Jack blasted a hole through the officer's chest. The dead body fell to the ground making a thud. " How many times can a man say sir? EEESH!" Jack said a little irritated.

" We are ready to cross the portal on your command." An officer said through the link. Jack cracked his fingers and said,

" Proceed." The ship's engines hummed to life and Jack went back to face the portal. A large army of telekinetic humans floated through a small portal on a direct course for Earth. Soon the timeline would be fixed according to the way things should have happened. Galictar would be defeated and at last the war that had spanned several decades, the decades of his galaxy would soon be over.

The music sounded loudly throughout the corridors of the school. Sina stood staring at a set of papers posted on the walls.

" Where do we go? To Homeroom semester One, or homeroom semester Two?" He asked in a fit of nervousness.

" Both!" Jibran replied.

" YOU IDIOT! I meant where do we go NOW?"

" Semester Two I think." Jibran said rubbing his chin.

" No! Semester ONE!" Rama yelled.

" I HEARD SEMESTER TWO!" Graham yelled back.

Jon walked in an said, " OI! Look, they have 'go to sem 1' posted all over the office! We will go to semester one then!"

" OK THEN!" Graham said.

" Lets go to sem 2 Graham." Jibran said.

" OK…see you later Sina." Graham said walking away.

" WHAT! But…" Sina shrugged and said, " Off to semester 2 then! MATH! Wait, doesn’t Jibby have math with us?"

Jon nodded, Sina yelled, " THEN WHY IS HE GOING WITH GRAHAM?"

" Because…he is an idiot." Jon replied.

" WORKS FOR ME!" Sina said. They both headed upstairs for their second semester first class, MATH WITH MR. BRACE!

They walked into the class where they saw many familiar faces. Sina started laughing, " HAHAHAH! OH NURDIN! YOU ARE IN THIS CLASS?! Oh this is gonna be such a larf!" He fell down rolling with laughter. Jon stepped over the laughing body of Sina and found himself a seat.

Moments later, Jibran walked in and tripped over Sina slamming himself onto the floor. Jibran got up and little energy crackled through his arms,

" IF YOU EVER GET IN MY WAY AGAIN, YOU WILL DIE!!" He yelled in anger.

Sina stopped laughing, got up, dusted himself and said, " Objection noted, sit down and shut up." Jibran sat down as did Sina in their new seats.

" This is going to be one COOOOL SEMESTER!" Sina thought to himself.

The massive ships floated through the river of time traveling backwards. Even through the portal, the ships fired upon one another.

" We cannot travel and fire back sir!" An officer yelled at Eight.

" Eight, if we don’t do something, we will all be destroyed right here!" Celine said holding onto his arm.

Eight sighed and said, " I have no time for this!" He closed his eyes and opened a direct link with the Comrad Eight of the other reality that was firing upon them.

" HEY! STOP THAT!" Eight yelling.

" No, you stop that!" The other Eight replied.

" We arent doing anything!" Eight yelled.

" Doing nothing is the exact concern! For trying to keep us out of this reality, you must die! You nearly killed my people!"

Eight yelled outloud and through the link, " NO YOU PESTERING VERSION OF ME LISTEN UP! I BROUGHT UP THE CONCERN BECAUSE NOT EVERYONE COULD GET THROUGH THE PORTAL IN TIME! As we speak, the multiverse has collapsed on itself killing trillions of lives…WE HAVE TO STOP ALL THIS FIGHTING AND FOCUS ON OUR MISSIONS! We have a mission which is to fix up all this screwed up pollution in the timeline and we narrowed down the focal point of all this pollution to Earth, 2001. SO STOP FIRING ON US! FOR THE SAKE OF THE MULTIVER STOP!"

" As you wish." And with that simple phrase, the ships stopped firing on one another. They flew gracefully through the portal where the opening to Earth was slowly becoming visible.

Jack sipped his wine and stared out the window. His mind started to sense something odd, something that didn’t seem right.

" Hmmm," Jack though, " I killed John Trenmill…lost to Eight in a duel, came here, plotted how to fix up the timeline and created an army of cloned telepaths…WHY DO I FEEL LIKE THIS?" Jack yelled.

An officer stormed in. " Are you all right sir?"

Jack stared at the officer with a burning glare. He stood up, wine glass still in his hand. " Do I LOOK all right to you?"

The officer shifted uncomfortably and said, " Yes, sir."

Jack grinned and spilt the wine all over the officer's face, " SO GET THE HELL OUT OR YOU WILL END UP LIKE OFFICER WHATS HIS FACE!"

The officer knew about the recently killed officer and didn’t hessitate to leave the room. Jack sighed and said,

" Perfect waste of wine…curses. Tricia," Jack said opening a link with Tricia Johnson, his counterpart in everything he had gone through and said, " Bring me some more wine kindly dear."

" Are you sure it is wise to drink right before an invasion?" Tricia's voice asked through Jack's mind.

" As sure as I will ever be, I don’t get drunk that easily, please bring it, we are arriving our destination."

" Im on my way." Tricia said. Jack opened another link with his officer and said, "Cloak ships upon arrival to Earth."

They exited the portal and the entire army cloaked immediately giving no one a trace of their arrival.

" Wait, where the hell are we?" Jack asked staring at nothingness.

" This is the proper date sir…" The officer yelled. Jack closed his eyes and did a scan of the area. He sensed a being, a very powerful being. The word 'Jibran' flashed through his mind for a brief second. And then suddenly, the being known as Jibran exploded and the universe here was barfed out.

" My oh my, that was entertaining. Yes, this is the right place. I want us to remain cloaked until the proper time arrives." Jack said.

Sina floated through space back alive unable to shake the feeling that something odd had just happened.

Several days later, the Comraidan ships carrying Eight, Celine and the others flew out of the portal, also concealed from sensing. Eight and everyone else on the ships suddenly felt as if someone had stuck a tack on their buttocks. Something sure as hell didn’t seem right about this place.

Sina was standing up for the national anthem when suddenly he turned immediately to Jon and Jibran. They too had the same look on their faces. Something really odd had just happened and they could sense it.

" WE STAND ON GUARD…FOOOORRRR THEEE!" Nurdin sang out loud. An anvil fell from the roof ending his singing. Sina, Jon and Jibran and the rest of the math class sat down for their first day of semester two, something already didn’t seem right. Something, somewhere had just happened, and they all felt as if a tac had appeared out of nowhere, right on their asses…

And in a completely different universe, a white trench coated figure stood up sensing dramatic energies coming from somewhere.

Code Warrior stood up and said, " What the hell is that?" His voice sounded quite emotionless, and filled with Evil, MUCH LIKE HAL FROM 2001! He closed his eyes and sensed something:

It couldn’t be Jibran since he had recently killed Jibran, and it couldn’t be Sina since Sina was blasted to death by Code Warrior several days ago. It couldn’t be anything at all from this reality because Code Warrior had 'desposed' of all opposition against his awesome power. He had to get to this incredible power, somehow…

Jack sensed their arrival from the portal and grinned, soon everything would be in effect. Eight sensed their arrival and felt rather scared about something. Code Warrior sensed something, drawing him to reach his ultimate merger.

And down below in The Woodlands, Sina, Jibran and Jon stared at one another, in utter confusion.

It had just begun…