A short time ago in all of space right here…


Episode Six: Enter A New Enemy


            It was a strange process, and it felt slightly familiar for a reason Gates and Spears did not know. They felt as though they were spirits… floating to freedom. SUDDENLY, from out of nowhere a huge Cosmic Vacuum came and sucked them up.

            " WAAAH!" Gates yelled being sucked into the vacuum. Inside the bag, they felt a rustling and suddenly the vacuum went from suck to blow. Britney and Bill were thrown right onto a large mob of people with rings above their heads.

            " WE WANT INTO HEAVEN! NOW!" The mob was yelling. Gates and Spears got up but were trampled down by the angry mob trying to fight off God and his forces. Gates and Spears saw that there was a huge line up leading elsewhere, probably to the decision booth where they would be either let into heaven, or sent to hell. Gates hoped that after his recent sacrifice it would be heaven.

            " So this is it then…we are officially dead…" Spears said sighing heavily.

            " I guess it is… this is not at all what I imagined the Afterlife to be though…" Gates said looking around him. It felt rather stupid standing where he was, and Gates found out why. The mob ran him over again. He got up gasping for air, "Well, at least I cant die any more can I?" As if to challenge that very notion, the mob ran him over several more times. Then the mob vanished and Gates started to laugh, "HAHA! TOLD YOU!" But his words were silenced when a large army of dead elephants, rhinos and extremely large people started trampling him.

            Spears began to laugh at the sight…it was funny!


            As Jon was flying, he sensed a large group of Cawthra students following him. He spun around, aimed his weapon at them causing them to spin out of control. At that very moment, Jon saw Sina fly out of the school with a totally angry look in his eye.

            " THE COMPUTERS ARE FINE! Turing is working on the C++ merger… but he says that the last step needs help…he will beep you when he has defeated the Gordon Graydon computer hackers." Sina said dodging a spear that flew past him.

            " That is most excellent!" Jon said. "Now, we could use a hand with these Cawthra students." Sina nodded and both their attention was drawn to a really fast group of Woodlands Students attacking rather fast and yelling many things. It was the Suddenly Shakespeare wave of students attacking Cawthra, and they were doing it very well! Cawthra could hardly keep up with their fast paced movement and speech.

            " MERCUCIO!!!" Adit yelled.

            Gordon Chan flew into the battle wearing a robe from King and I as he said, "Mercucio isn't dead yet Adit…"

            Adit frowned, "Very well then… NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! INSERT NAME HERE!!!!" Gordon smiled,

            " MUCH BETTER! Now add more enthusiasm to that! Swing like you have never swung before!" At that moment, a large blade swished by Gordon's head cutting several strands of hair on his head,

            " I BARELY ESCAPED BY THE SKIN OF MY TEETH!!!" He pointed at the Cawthra student who had just slashed him, "NO ONES HEAD SHALL BE HIGHER THAN KINGS!" At that moment, the student's head randomly fell off. Gordon smiled, "HAHAHA! Etcetera! Etcetera! Etcetera!" At that moment, several more heads from the Cawthra students fell off.

            Sina turned to Jon and smiled, "What do you think? Shall we?"

            Jon returned the smile, "I believe we shall…" His eyes narrowed with a sly grin on his face. "Let the linting begin…" Jon snapped his fingers and a sound was heard,

" MORTAL KOMBAT!!!!!" Loud music began to flood the skies and Jon flew into battle with Sina. They both pointed at random Cawthra students and used Sina's mightiest attack, Lintos Hazardous. One by one, Cawthra students began to get covered with lint and many arms randomly appeared to flick at them. Jon and Sina smiled, "Its payback time…"

At that moment, one of the Cawthra students with a more commanding uniform turned to face Sina and Jon. He frowned as he said, "Very well then… you wish to fight dirty…we shall fight dirty…" He pointed at several of the surrounding students and they all surrounded him forming a sphere.

" Prepare for the Sun Pose…" He said.

Sina and Jon gasped, "WHAT THE? BUT HOW DO THEY KNOW THAT ATTACK?" The light began to surround the Cawthra students as they began to make Sunpose motions. Suddenly, a large beam of energy flew out of their arms and hit Sina and Jon right in the chest. They both fell backwards.

            " WHAT THE? YOU DON’T USE SUN POSE!" As the light dimmed, Sina and Jon gasped, there stood floating within the chaos, Mrs. Le Riche, wearing a Cawthra outfit. "Let us destroy some YOUTH THEATRE WOODLANDIANS!!!" She yelled with a kind of craze in her eyes.

            " There is no god…" Sina said quietly to himself.

            " THEY WANNA FIGHT SUN POSE? WE WILL FIGHT SUN POSE! WE HAVE MORE EXPERIENCE!" Jon extended his hands, "LABANATION…PUNCH!" And he commenced doing the Sun Pose, despite his aching back. Sina joined in and they both unleashed a massive volley of Sun Attacks at the enemy. They blocked with their own Sun Posing.

            " This is unfair…" Jon said. He put cupped his hands around his mouth and yelled as loud as he could, "PENIS!!!!!!!!!!!!" At that moment, many responses were heard all over the sky as Drama Students from the Woodlands yelled, "PENIS!" in return. They swarmed the Cawthra students and made one really huge Sun Pose that completely filled the area with light. As the Cawthra students were blinded, the Woodland students attacked once again.

            " RODDY! WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING?" Rama yelled flying towards Roddy.

            " Ummm…. Uhhhh…" Roddy said sounding rather nervous as he had four Fox Girls all over him. "Uhhh… ummmm…. Eating?"


            Roddy smiled, "I choose random useless sex!" Rama couldn’t think of anything to say and flew away in hopes of never having to visualise what he had just visualised.


            Mcbath who against all odds had taken down all four of the Gordon Greydon robots was slowly defeating the Lorne Park students. They were being destroyed one massive group at a time as Mcbath had turned into a really wild Godzilla like creature with no mercy.

            Rama smiled, "HAHA! TAKE THIS! WE WILL SWARM YOU ALL TO DEATH! NO ONE SHALL BE SPARED!!! NO ONE!!!" (sniff… that takes me back… sniff sniff…). The Lorne Park students slowly began to fall as their group fell apart.

            At the moment of glory, something really bad happened. Rama heard something from the horizon and he gasped as he saw a large swarm of what looked like insects flying right at them. Squinting, Rama realised this was no swarm of insects…it was another army…


            Cad Man rushed into the battle field after being unable to contain his anger. "NOOOO!!! YOU DON’T NOT KILL OFF MY TWO BESTEST FRIENDS!" Cad Man said flying into the battle. Stephanie and Steve pointed at him and blasted energy at him.

            Cad Man vanished from sight and Stephanie said, "What the? Where did that lousy fat cow go?" Suddenly, Cad Man appeared directly above them and kicked Stephanie hard in the back. She fell towards the ground. Steve growled at Cad Man and blasted some more energy at him. Cad Man vanished again.

            " SO YOU LIKE TO GO 2d eh?" Steve said. He smiled and vanished. For a while, there was nothing. Then there came a loud explosion and many lines and circles flew out of 2-D into 3-D. Cad Man had been blasted apart.

            Steve flew to Stephanie and helped her up, "That fat cow has been taken care of…" Suddenly, Steve was blasted away by three versions of Jack, eight versions of Eight, seven versions of Three, and a wine bottle (who some random person had thrown).

            Stephanie frowned, "NOW YOU WILL ALL DIE!" She aimed her palms at the Jack's but before she could fire, another beam from several more Jacks hit her in the side throwing her into an asteroid. Stephanie and Steve both flew up in a fit of anger yelling, "YOU DON’T!!!!!!" And they glowed until they became unbearable.

            The Multiverse began to crackle even worse than before. Suddenly, from Stephanie and Steve came thousands of bolts of lightning, zapping people to death. Just before they hit, Galictar jumped in the way of several of them and rebounded them back to Stephanie and Steve.

            Stephanie's eyes darkened…her pupils began to vanished, "Now I am really ticked off…" There seemed to appear above her head a loud cloud. The cloud was dark green and flashing lights were apparent within it. Stephanie grit her teeth together and took a deep breath, "Never piss off a blonde…"

            Three flew in and said, "I have learnt to piss ON a blonde! HAHAHAH!" Isaque's crazy laughter was heard from the planet below. Stephanie screamed,

            " AHHH!!!!! NOW YOU DIE!" Stephanie glared at Three and he exploded from the inside. She aimed her palms at everyone surrounding her and they all exploded into millions of little bits. Steph's eyes began to darken until her entire eye sockets were pitch black, and nothing could be seen but the empty void of infinity. It was quite scary to look into those eyes.

            The Dave rebels stared at her eyes and froze completely. Dave yelled, "WHAT THE! ATTACK! NOW!!!" Dave ran behind an asteroid when all his friends began to explode around him. "NOOOO!" Dave yelled with pain.

            As he hid, Dave heard two voices behind him. "I think it is time to say goodbye to Dave…" Dave spun around and gasped when he saw two beings with red eyes staring back. They were visible to Dave only, "SANJEE!!! BOB! AM I GLAD TO SEE YOU!"

            Sanjee frowned, "You shithead…you didn’t hear me the first time… I said you will die!"

            Dave stood up defiantly, "THEN I WILL FIGHT YOU TO THE DEATH!" Dave flipped on the asteroid behind him and started doing rather strange Kung Fu moves.

            Sanjee began doing the same as did Bob. Then the three of them vanished from our continuum leaving only random explosion every few seconds.

            The Multiverse erupted with explosions as people died very frequently. Stephanie unleashed her final assault on the people around her killing all of them save Jack. Jack got up and frowned,

            " This is it…" He linked himself with Eight and said, "Are you ready? Remember that one move we used against the Nelcotian at the Olympics? You should know it because we went through the same thing…well prepare to do it again!"

            Eight flew in and the two of them began to fly around Stephanie and Steve. Steph and Steve blasted at Eight and Jack but couldn’t hit them. It was as though neither of them were truly there. Steve flew up but collided with what seemed to be an invisible wall. A glow began to surround the wall as Jack and Eight spun around Steph and Steve faster and faster. Energy began to gather from all over the area and Stephanie and Steve were trapped without escape (as the word trapped implies). It would require both Jack and Eight to use up all of their abilities in a single shot. They had only one chance to do this…


            Jibran fell off his seat again. "AH! WHEN WILL THE SHIT HEADS STOP FIRING ON US?" No one answered, "WHERE THE HELL IS ADIT?"

            "He is fighting the Cawthra students sir using his drama abilities!" Someone randomly said.

            " STUPID DRAMA!" Jibran yelled. Something hit him on the head hard. Jibran looked up and saw a robotic arm,

            " In the even that someone insults the drama department, an arm with be deployed to slap them back into the reality that drama rules…you have been warned…next time, the boot will be deployed…" Jibran rubbed his head and frowned. At that moment, over the sound of many alarms came the sound of yet another alarm,


            "JIBRAN! There is another army appearing!"

            Jibran stood up and fell back down. "On screen…" He said. Jibran saw on the screen something he had been hoping wouldn’t happen. Another school was now in this war, and they were flying in with their Jaguar Mascot. Jibran took a deep breath and said, "John Fraser…at last we meet…PREPARE FOR RAMMING SPEED!!!!" Jibran said pointing at the swarm of John Fraser students.


            Outside, Sina heard the sound of many trumpets playing as for some reason he sensed something with much symmetry headed towards them. He took out his visor and gasped as he saw the words: "JOHN FRASER" written on a fairly new looking building that was slowly hovering towards them.


            " NO WE WILL NOT COWER AT THEM!" Sina yelled pointing at the John Fraser students. He yelled at Rama,


            " Jibran has set a collision course for John Fraser…" Rama replied flying up to meet him.

            Sina flipped, "WHAT THE?!?!!? NOOOOOO!!! JIBBY YOU JACKASS!!! WHAT ARE YOU THINKING????"

            A voice from within the school yelled, "HOW SVEEEEEEETTTT!" Sina covered his ears and yelled in his communicator,


            " I VILL!!! GET THE EAR PLUGS READY!"


            Everyone from the Woodlands took out their set of ear plugs and put them on. Sina yelled " WE'RE ALL SET!!! BEGIN SINGING JIBBY!!!"


And a sound filled the ears of the non-Woodlandian students unlike any heard before…