A short time ago in all of space right here…


Episode Eight: Lockdown Mode Initiated


            Celine rushed to Eight as Tricia rushed to Jack. Both of them were floating in space lifeless almost, their bodies flickering slightly. Celine held Eight in her arms and closed her eyes,

            " Eight…my dear are you all right?" Eight opened his eyes and replied through the same telekinesis:

            " I am all right…just a little tired. What about…Jack?" Eight asked. He never thought he would be asking about Jack's condition, but here he was after having just teamed up with him. It was more than Eight had ever dreamed. Since the day Jack had killed Seven, Eight had vowed to avenge the lives Jack had killed…he had vowed that Jack wouldn’t be allowed to live. But these feelings were still with Eight, only now he had realised that they had bigger fish to fry.

            Celine turned to Tricia and saw Jack was still alive and well, but rather tired. The first thing Jack asked was: "Are THEY gone?"

            Tricia and Celine both closed their eyes and tried to sense the presence of Stephanie and Steve. After several moments, Celine shook her head. "I think its finally over…"

            Eight and Jack released a sigh of total relief, Eight was happy that it was over and Jack was completely relieved that a nightmare had finally ended. It had been many years since Jack had last breathed normally without having to worry about anything much. Jack and Eight began to smile and nod at one another with thanks.

            A cry went up throughout the Multiverse and John Trenmill floated in space and said to himself, " Thank god…"


            Meanwhile in heaven, things were looking much worse than before. The mobs had escalated and completely out of hand. The four horsemen were buried under a mob of running feet and violent peoples hitting them with signs.

            " PLEASE! MERCY!" One horseman yelled trying to break free, but it was no use. He lay back and waited for his death … which would never come since he was already dead.

            Spearheading the mobs were Gates and Spears yelling, "WE HAVE LIVED GOOD HONEST LIVES! LET US INTO HEAVEN!" The mobs replied by yelling and cheering,


            God and Satan were quite displeased with the recent behaviour and were going around stomping on people (succeeding on account of their large size). For some odd reason, Sean Connery had also joined in the rampage of killing the dead people. He stomped around the Gates of Heaven roaring in a thick Scottish/British accent,

            " RAWR! FEEL MY WRATH FOR I AM SEAN CONNERY! RAWR!" Gates and Spears began to fly around blasting energy at Sean Connery and was failing miserably until another titan appeared.


            Sean Connery stared at the newcomer with an equally strong accent and said,


            Patrick Stewart nodded and the two collided head-on cursing and swearing in some unearthly accented language. Meanwhile, Gates turned to Spears and said, "This is no good! We have to find a way out of this place!" At that moment, Gates felt the ground under him buckle,



            "We did it! WE FINALLY DEFEATED THEM!" One version of Eight yelled. Celine was celebrating along with her Eight, but Jack was still floating in space, Tricia over him,

            " Tricia… I feel excellent. This is truly it! We defeated those bastards once and for all!" He sighed, "So many lives we lost…but for the sake of the Multiverse, its all over…" Jack closed his eyes and tried to sense the presence of Stephanie and Steve and opened his eyes with relief, "Its over…they have been defeated! I cannot sense them any longer!"

            Suddenly, from somewhere below, a beam of highly focused energy went directly through Jack's heart and Tricia let out a cry of sheer terror.

            " JACK!"

            From below, Stephanie flew up and yelled, "THIS GAME ENDS WHEN WE SAY IT DOES!" She flew with her fingers aimed at Jack and fired once again, placing several more holes into Jack's chest. " AND WE SAY THIS GAME ENDS FOR YOU JACK THORNE….IT ENDS FOR YOU…NOW!" And she delivered the final death delivering shot…


            They all rushed into battle once more yelling in no particular pattern. The Woodlands speakers had burned out on account of Jibran's horrible voice so they couldn’t use the Amazing Grace tactic once again. The Gordon Greydon robots were once again hovering above the school preventing any escape, and the remaining robots were trying to keep Mcbath from going completely nuts.

            The Drama students ran on the vast field rushing with spears, sticks and anything else they had found on the ground (in essence, they were improvising) and ran head on with the Cawthra Drama students who also had sticks and other weapons.

            The Music students from either side had begun launching missiles and nukes at each other from the Trombones and Horns each side had, while the flutes delivered a quietly beautiful barrage of tiny bullets. The Guitars and Violins were being used as gillotines on account of the sharp strings they had (and some flats…get it? Sharps and flats??? Ok.. bad joke…). And pianos were being hurled at the enemy on the other side.

            Art students had begun throwing paint cans full of decomposed paint at the enemy which acted as a kind of corrosive acid and were trying to confuse the Cawthra art students with their crazy Magic Eye pictures.

            Other students were taking on Lorne Park and a few of the Gordon Greydon students who had not had their brains explode by hearing Jibran sing. They all collided head on immediately leaving a trail of blood and gore behind.

            The war had begun once again, and both sides were fighting totally dirty. The rules of war had been discounted and it was now every side for itself. The skies began to turn red…



            " We must stop them somehow!" Adit yelled beating some Cawthra students to their status of Knocked Out.

            The John Fraser students began to fly towards the main entrance of the school in a completely symmetrical pattern headed towards the main entrance.

            Nurdin pointed and yelled, "THEY ARE HEADING FOR THE MAIN ENTRANCE!"

            Rama flew in and slapped Nurdin, "DUH! YOU THINK? WE HAVE TO ACT QUICKLY!" Sina and Jon flew in together and began to devise any plan they could,

            " WE MUST DEFEND OUR SCHOOL!" Sina yelled.

            " Yes we must…but we cannot leave our armies under the onslaught of the other schools! Besides, our school has a pretty good internal security system and procedure. And not to mention that our school will confuse the hell out of the John Fraser students." Jon replied blasting someone who was behind him.

            " Well I don’t know about you, but I certainly have to go in there, defend our school and settle a few personal vandettas!" Sina yelled.

            At that moment, Jon closed his eyes as he heard Turing's statement: "Jon, please head back to the computer science lab…the LORD CHAVOS code has been completely written and checked for errors and is awaiting you to compile. Please be in the computer science room in 10 minutes…"

            Jon frowned, "Looks like I have to join you anyways…LETS HEAD OFF! RYAN! GORDON! PLEASE DON’T LET OUR DRAMA ARMIES FALL!" Jon yelled as he and Sina flew away towards the school intercepting the John Fraser students.

            Gordon Chan smiled, "I never have… and I never will." His eyes narrowed, and Gordon received a dark and sinister value in his eyes as an angry glow surrounded him. "This is for Suddenly Shakespeare…"


            Jack felt his body getting lighter completely. He couldn’t even speak as he felt the world around him slow down to an incredibly slow pace. He heard Tricia's slow motion yell of terror, and the sound of many people screaming, "NOOO" at the same time. He felt his body lifting higher and higher. The stars around him vanished suddenly and he felt a warm light around his body. A kind of peaceful choir was singing to him as he was slowly raised from Reality, to the Afterlife.

            Although Jack had never believed the Afterlife and Heaven and Hell existed, he could never truly put aside his faith that one day things would work out. And he felt that way right now. Clouds were above him and angels were singing in the most beautiful manner. When Jack passed the clouds, everything changed suddenly.

            " WAAAH!" Jack yelled as he saw the chaos before him. Dead people with meat cleavers in their heads were running around chasing after GOD and what appeared to be one of SATAN's tails. He just barely dodged Sean Connery kicking him and using him as a soccer ball and Jack floated up in the air quite angry.

            " WHAT THE HELL KINDA AFTERLIFE IS THIS PLACE? IT IS ABSOLUTELY DIGUSTING! ORDER PEOPLE! ORDER!" He flew around blasting large amounts of angels and demons in hopes of shutting everyone up.


Jibran sat in his chair and cursed, "SHITHEADS!" He ran to the weapons console when suddenly the school began to rock and shake furiously. Alarms began to ring all over the school and lights began to flash. Jibran looked at the console and saw: "Intruder alert." He quickly turned to the cameras and saw that the John Fraser students had broke their way inside the school.

            " SHIT HELL DAMN!" Jibran yelled. He lunged over the console and slammed his hand on a big red button.

            All throughout the school, a single voice was heard as the alarms continued to ring. "INITIATE LOCKDOWN PROCEDURE!"

            Within the school, things began to change. All the students took their seats and closed their eyes. The blackboards began to lift up revealing massive cannons that were lying under them. All the doors in the school shook slightly and the glass was replaced by wiring and heavy metals. All text books opened up and turned into small robotic scouters that began to hover around the school shooting any enemy they saw. Hole punchers began to run around in search for any enemies they could punch holes in. Staplers had suddenly gone berserk and were crawling all over the place, ready to launch a vigorous volley of staples at the enemy.

            The students all sat in their seats and the chairs began to slowly turn into the floor. While under there, students were geared up by robotic arms as grenades and other arsenals were given to the students. All students except the few remaining drama and enhanced students who ran to Room 99, the secret hidden room for such an emergency. When they were all within the room, large bits of armour surrounded the doors and walls. Then, bits of the drama wing began to disconnect from the rest of the school and they were all propelled with great speed at the skies above, escaping the Gordon Greydon robots.

            The portables that had been on school property suddenly took immediate action and began to run away. All except for one which was defective on account of Mrs. Macfarlane being unable to do a chemistry experiment properly.

            Throughout the school, all students were suddenly in a beige coloured army outfits which blended in with the walls excellently. They were all armed to the teeth with various weapons and took their positions against the wall ready to defend their classrooms and head out into the halls if necessary.

            The nets for basketball in the gym wings began to run around in hopes of capturing an enemy and all the balls in the closets suddenly came to life in hopes of attacking and knocking out the enemy. The dodgeballs were especially feisty today it seemed and they bounced all over the place looking for potential targets.

            The benches had all dislodged themselves from the walls and were now flying throughout the school to find areas they could build walls around. In the caf, all the doors were closed to prevent any John Fraserians getting food. The stage lights all began to turn on looking for an enemy to blind or fry. And the disco ball was starting to spin rapidly, ready to unleash a large wave of tiny painful beams of light inside the bodies of the enemy.

            The computers in all the labs went into "HIGH RADIATION MODE" and all the mathematics plaques that were hanging on the walls began to merge with the walls in preparation for defence of the school and themselves.

            Perhaps the oddest defence system was in the caf. Aside from all the lights and the fact that the tables had suddenly become intelligent, all of the pictures of the previous principals were shifting and the actual principals exited their picture frames with large UZIs and evil glares in their eyes. They were ready to defend the Woodlands. Everyone except the one NASA employee looking Principal who was trying to figure out which way to aim his gun.

            When all was said and done, the lights in the school dimmed slightly which would blind the enemy students, but would be quite comfortable for the Woodlands students. All the windows covered themselves with black cloths preventing any light from entering the school and the school itself began to shift and rotate as it entered, "SHIFTING MAZE MODE!" designed to get enemies lost and confused. 


            Jon and Sina flew right into the main doors of the school, fighting off several John Fraserians. They were blasting and kicking as quickly as they could when the lights in the school dimmed. Jon sighed, "Lockdown mode has been initiated…it is now us VS them completely."

            " We will NOT let them take our school…" Sina said standing before the large wave of John Fraser students. AS they stood in the entrance, they looked intimidating and tried to keep it that way. The mass bulk of the John Fraser army was slowly arriving and Sina and Jon extended their palms,

            " YOU WILL NOT GET PAST US!" Sina yelled. He turned to Jon. "If you must leave to find Turing then go right ahead Jon, I will hold them off…"

            Jon smiled, "I will fight with you until my 10 minutes are up." The John Fraser armies floated towards the main entrance and Sina saw that several students had joined them in defence of their school.

            " WE WILL DEFEND OUR SCHOOL!" The students yelled. The John Fraser army halted completely and Jon and Sina were confused slightly.

            Suddenly a sinister voice yelled, "DEFEND THIS!" A large mass of tangly curly hair appeared from somewhere within the armies and slammed the few Woodlandians aside giving them massive concussions. As quickly as it had come, the hair retracted to wherever it had originated from.

            Sina had seen this hair before…and he gasped as the JF army parted allowing a student to walk through. Sina felt his eyes widen with total surprise and slight awe. There stood before him, Shawn, Sina's friend for so many years, a gleam of evil in his eyes. He looked much the same only his hair was now roaring with apparent beastly powers as it rotated and shifted like a swirling nether. He smiled as he said,

            " Long time no see Sina…"