A short time ago in all of space right here…


Episode Nine: Confrontation


            Sina stood and stared at Shawn. “ Shawn Hudes…” He said at long last. “My god it has been a while.” Jon turned to Sina and saw old memories flooding Sina’s brain. He frowned and turned and aimed his palms at Shawn again.

            Behind Shawn, another figure stepped up between the rows of John Fraser students. As he came up, Jon sensed something within the other student. Jon could sense that this one was quite familiar with computers and had a great deal of information regarding Turing. Jon frowned and glared at this new student.

            “ MIKE?” Sina yelled seeing him step up. “My goodness…is this a surprise! I thought your school was going to attack us and try to take over it…” Sina said smiling feeling a little relieved.

            Shawn frowned and his hair began to make grrr sounds, “We are here to take over your school…with Mike and I leading the armies…” Shawn said calmly.

            Sina’s jaw dropped open, “YOU GUYS ARE LEADING??? WAAAAH! OH! I get it!” Sina started laughing. “JON! See I told you! Shawn had a great sense of humour! HEHEHE!”

            Mike glared at Sina, “We aren’t kidding you know! Guess what?”

            Sina immediately responded with the answer he had replied with many times, “ITS MIKE!”


            Jon stepped forward, “Not if we have anything to say about it.”

            Shawn gritted his teeth and said in a VERY demonic tone, “Silence…” And with that, his hair lashed out at Jon sending him crashing into several walls.

            Sina turned back horrified at what had just happened. “ Surrender your school Sina and no one will get hurt. Cower at the power of John Fraser SECONDARY SCHOOL! BWAHAHAHHAAAAA!” Shawn laughed his hair flailing wildly.

            Sina ran to Jon and helped him up. Jon gritted his teeth and got up, “He will regret doing that…” Sina grabbed Jon and said,

            “ NONO! Jon…please get away from here… I need to do this by myself. You go and begin the merger program…we need that right now.”

            Jon wiped some blood off his lip and frowned, “Very well. Kick his ass for me though…” Jon said closing his eyes and trying to find a line a code that resembled that of the Computer Science room where Turing was. Jon vanished and Sina turned to Shawn,

            “ That was NOT nice at all! What the hell were you thinking? Or did you just accidentally hit him!”

            Shawn smiled, “ That was on purpose… and so is this…” A large wave of Shawn’s hair flew out and nearly hit Sina just before he dodged it. It hit one of the walls of the school creating a large hole in it.

            Sina got up and closed his eyes. An eerie glow surrounded him and his hair went golden and curly. “ THIS IS FOR THE CONTACT BOOK YOUR JUICE RUINED IN GRADE 8!!!” And with that, he lunged at Shawn causing chaos to erupt in their area of the school.

            The John Fraser students began to attack and divide into the school as the invasion force was set loose. More and more students flooded the school: The Invasion had begun…


            Jack floated up to Gates and Spears and said, “THIS IS LUDICROUS!” He aimed his palms at several more dead people and blasted them away. “What kind of disorganized afterlife is this?”

            Gates frowned, “I have no clue what the hell is going on here! BUT ITS BUGGING THE HELL OUT OF ME!”

            Jack smiled, “You know, I want to get back out there and fight!”

            Spears smiled, “ME TOO! I have to redeem myself for dying uselessly don’t I?”

            Gates turned to Spears and said, “How did you trying to save me result in your dying uselessly?”


            Gates made fists, “The sooner we get out of here…the better!”

            Jack smiled and pointed to the clouds above and under them, they were shaking and breaking apart at some points. “ It looks like the afterlife is having trouble keeping itself intact anyway…what say you to blasting our way out of here?”

            Gates and Spears smiled, “We agree!”

            And with that they began to blast at the clouds causing the afterlife to become even more unstable…


            Jon was floating through the cyberspace of the school looking for the Computer Science connection when he sensed that something wasn’t right. He couldn’t quite put his finger on it, but something seemed out of the ordinary.

            “ TURING?” He called aloud. “ WHERE ARE YOU?”

            A message ran by him nearly running into him, “INITIATE LOCKDOWN PROCEDURE!” Jon realized it was the school computer trying to coordinate the effectiveness of LOCKDOWN.

            “ Jon, you are headed the right way.” Jon heard Turing reply. He closed his eyes and floated through cyberspace looking for the connection. Suddenly, a bright heavenly light appeared ahead of him. It was in the shape of a door and it said, “COMPUTER SCIENCE ROOM HUB CONNECTION”. It was beautiful. Jon began to walk closer and closer to it when suddenly a figure appeared between him and the door.

            “ You wont get in there.” The figure said.

            “ WHO THE HELL ARE YOU?” Jon said preparing for the worse.

            A light appeared on the figure’s face and Jon recognized him as Sina’s friend Mike. “I think you know very well who I am…”

            Jon frowned, “YOU! Get away from that door…NOW before I blast you to smithereens! This is the cyberworld, and I am a god here!” Jon said smiling.

            Mike grinned as well, “So am I. Then I guess this is the battle of the gods in a way…”

            Jon smiled, “It is so…” He closed his eyes and Turing appeared. They both began to glow brightly and fused together to form JonTur! JonTur smiled. “I’d like to see you do better than that…”

            Mike closed his eyes and a spark appeared around him. Suddenly, a Turing icon appeared around him and fused with his body. JonTur stared with eyes wide open at what he was seeing…it was another merger with Turing! Whoever this Mike was, he had some talent and experience with Turing. The light faded and MikeTur stood before JonTur.

            “ Done and done…AHAH!” MikeTur laughed.

            JonTur closed his eyes and began to compile to his full potential. Several moments later, MikeTur did the same thing.

            They both floated in cyberspace, compiling to their full potentials, ready for the battle to come…


            “ TAKE THIS!” Shawn yelled releasing another hurricane of his horrifying hair. Sina aimed his palms at it and fired chaotic energy with all his might. The power of his chaos, and the apparent chaos in Shawn’s hair cancelled out sending both of them crashing into the walls of the school.

            Sina floated back to his feet as quickly as he could and aimed both his palms at Shawn. “This is for that pencil your hair ate back in grade 8!” And he fired. A large volley of energy flew out of Sina’s hand and hit Shawn right in the hair. Smoke flew around everywhere and Sina smiled, “Heheh…” He said calmly.

            Out of the smoke, Shawn came out with his hair completely intact and he spoke five words that really ticked Sina off, “Preserved for generations to come…” Sina was reminded of his grade 8 science lab that Shawn said was useless and ripped up…Sina had taken the pieces and taped them together using massive tape making it look as if it were laminated and he proceeded by laughing at Shawn with his immortal Science Lab and said, “HEHE! Preserved for generations to come…” And now Shawn was using his own saying against him.

            “ AHHHHHH!!!” Sina yelled running head long into Shawn. Shawn unleashed his hair and it hit Sina quite hard. He was tangled within the afroey mess.

            “ Don’t tangle with me…” Shawn said smiling as Sina was caught in his hair.

            “ LOUSY JOKE!!! CRAP!” Sina was slowly being engulfed in the halo of hair and chaos. There was no way out and slowly he felt his breathing stop. “This looks like the end.” The moment he said this a drama script hit him on the side of the head and he immediately got an idea.

            Using the vortex that he had up his ass, Sina transported himself to a location in the hall that was not within Shawn’s hair. Then he aimed his palms at Shawn and yelled,

            “ LINTUS HAZARDOUS!” A volley of lint pieces flew at Shawn and he blocked most of them with his hair.

            “ What a useless attack! Here’s what a REAL attack is like, HAIR HURRICANE!” Shawn’s hair began to spin faster and faster sucking most objects in the room into it like a vortex of destruction. Sina slowly felt himself being sucked into it and he quickly used the next part of his attack. Many fingers appeared out of nowhere and began to flick the lint off Shawn’s body, damaging him in the process.

            Shawn fell down in pain as Sina continued the attack for as long as he could.


            In the Computer Science room, the hub began to blink uncontrollably as it began to receive Terabytes of data. At odd places it began to bulge as data filled it far too quickly. It couldn’t understand how it was making these chunks of data and it seemed quite odd that they were appearing out of nowhere. What the Hub didn’t know, was that there was a huge coded war going on inside it between JonTur and MikeTur.


            All of cyberspace in the area where the hub was began to lag. More and more data began to fill the area as Jon and Mike combined with their Turing personas had compiled to their full potential and were launching lines of complicated code at one another.

            Jon realized that this Mike was quite powerful in the coded arts and had a number of attacks Jon hadn’t even considered. He was a worthy opponent. He couldn’t get out of Cyberspace unless he got into the door, and Mike had a code of encryption blocking it. While Jon was battling Mike, he was also trying to decrypt the code blocking the entrance to the Computer Science room. Time was running out, he had to complete the merger otherwise the school would be overrun fairly soon.


            A large wave of John Fraser students entered the caf and were slightly confused that there was no one in there. One of the John Fraser students said: “Through here! Once we have access to the caf, we can disrupt their nutrition facility and the Woodlands will starve to death! BWAHAHA!” The sound of several explosion on account of Sina and Shawn battling was heard outside and ignored.

            The army moved to the centre of the caf where they began to spread themselves out and take over the caf. “ Foolish Woodlands! Leaving their Cafeteria unarmed!”

            At that moment, the vending machined began to launch rock hard candies at the students. The disco ball came to life and began to zap the John Fraser students to death and the lights in the caf activated themselves and began to fry any student in the caf. The Removable wall began to crush several students and the principals who had escaped from their pictures came to life and began to attack.

            “ RETREAT!” The John Fraser student began to yell. They ran for the other exits in the cafs but found that an army of staplers and runaway hole punchers were guarding one entrance and an army of dodge balls was guarding the other. The John Fraser students were completely surrounded. At that moment, the radiation from the computers began to interfere with the communication of the John Fraser students.

            “ HELP! HELP!” The commander yelled into his walkie-talkie. No response came. He had once chance to look up before all the lights aimed themselves at him and fired…


            A group of 20 John Fraser students were walking down a hall they could have sworn they had been in before. “Hey, weren’t we just here?” one of the students asked.

            The other replied, “I don’t think so…wait…no wait…SHIT! Why does this school have to be sooo complex? And why aren’t there any windows anywhere? I cant see a single thing? I wonder where we are…” At that moment, the group halted completely. “Holy crap, what are those red lights at the end of the hallway? HEY! They’re headed right for us!” Suddenly, the eyes of all the John Fraser students were attacked by red laser pointers that had been banned. Jibran had located them and used them to his own advantage since his whole: “WHO ARE YOU” incident. Jibran smiled, “Foolish homies…”

            The JF students fell to the ground unconscious and Jibran and his group of people from the office took their weapons and clothes (Jibran’s orders) and walked a bit farther through the long dark corridors of the Woodlands in LOCKDOWN mode.


            Outside, the school, chaos was still reigning supreme. The number of Cawthra, Gordon Greydon and Lorne Park students had completely outgrown from the Woodlands students and Woodlands was on the loosing end. Many lives had already been lost, but they continued to fight even in the afterlife, fighting against the enemy schools.

            Ryan and the students ran and began to attack again. Ryan would randomly appear beside the enemy students, say: “WHAT? HELLO!” And kick them until death. Gordon went around removing people’s heads, Gordon Simpson went around giving VERY painful purple nurples to the enemy while Tori, Breanna, Michelle and Chrissy used their own attacks. Tori and Breanna were throwing many stuffed rabbits and bears a the students knocking them unconscious with softy goodness. Michelle was flying around sticking random happy faces on people, causing them to fall over with pain and Chrissy was going around delivering high pitch shrieks into the ears of poor Cawthra students which completely rendered them useless.

            Somewhere in all this chaos, a Cawthra student smiled and yelled, “THEY ARE OURS NOW! THEY HAVE NO CHANCE TO WIN! BWAHHAHA!” When suddenly something caught their eye. It was large and huge…and it was rolling this way. Somewhere else, Gordon S yelled,

            “ WE HAVE UNLEASHED THE THANYA! ALL WOODLANDS STUDENTS TAKE COVER!!!” And everyone ducked under the ground as Thanya rolled around crushing enemy students.

            The enemy students fought back and the war went on…Tori turned to see the school shifting its shape to cause confusion for the students inside and said, “We cant hold them off much longer…”


            Jon fell through cyberspace. He had let his guard down for a single second and that gave Mike the chance to strike. He oriented himself quickly and unleashed a line of code with destructive properties at Mike who blocked it with his own code. Suddenly, Jon had an idea…he ran his ultimate Turing program, the one that could not crash. By doing this, a shield appeared around Jon and Jon was protected. He smiled, “ID LIKE TO SEE YOU CRASH THIS PIECE OF CODE!” And so MikeTur tried, but nothing seemed to work…the shield code was uncrashable.

            As Jon was laughing, he suddenly felt cyberspace shake a little. “What the hell was that?” Suddenly, the information regarding the lockdown that was flying about changed and became infected by an unknown virus. Jon did a quick scan and discovered to his horror that a Gordon Greydon virus had entered the school system and was disrupting the LOCKDOWN PROCEDURE.