picture of me

Several years ago, a co-worker said, "You're a bug!" I asked, "You mean 'bug' as in 'crazy as a bedbug'?" She said yes.

The real deal is that I am simply intelligent, attractive . . . and left-handed.

There are not that many left-handed women around. There are, supposedly, more left-handed men around. Maybe I make people nervous because I am not a man. If I were a man and a southpaw, maybe it would be easier to understand how I function. "Oh, that's just ol' Ed. Left-handed, ya know? Them left-handed guys are a bit out there, ya know? But man, they're smart. And boy, can they play baseball!"

And rather than have to explain this left-handed thing to people over and over, I've decided to create this webpage and give folks the URL.

If you click any link below, you'll learn something about me and my interests. Which do not include baseball. Not even Robert Redford in The Natural. (I did like him in Sneakers.)