Matthew Chenoweth Wright - Biography of the Artist
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Born on May 28, 1968, Matthew has quickly brown up into a very interesting human being.  He dabbles in Graphic Design, Music, Art, and Poetry, creating strange and wonderful things in his secret laboratory in Sacramento.  His album of music, "Eyelid/Fetish" has been on no charts that he is aware of, and his friends ask him to stop playing it.  His debut book of poetry, entitled "From Under Eyelids" continues on this theme.  He has a calendar of CGI landscape art he created, which is also a big non-seller.  His nascent publishing empire, Invisible Caterpillar Media, is in fact in the black, having done work for a San Francisco based talent agency, as well as other work for other people.  His poetry is readily available to the public for free online, and he doesn't do as many public readings as he once did, to the public's great relief; he is available for readings, book signings, music demonstrations, particle physics lectures, and discussions about Star Trek's ultimate psycho-sociological relevance.
Portrait of the Artist as a Young Penguin
Various places Matthew has available for perusal - enter at your own risk!!
Invisible Caterpillar
Feel free to send me an email, as long as you do not mention viagra or penis enlargement.
Name: Matthew Chenoweth Wright
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