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AHL Enviromat is an eco friendly recycling & manufacturing company that creates exciting and value added products from recycled tires.

Check out  our fashion
BELTS and GUITAR STRAPS, they are a "very cool" line of TREDWEAR products. These are one of a kind and very stylish.
Developing  a wide range of applications of
FLOOR MATS for home and  industrial uses is our expertise. Specializing in  ANTI FATIGUE, and ANTI SLIP custom matting for various industries. The  TRACTION GRABBER mat is designed as a safety mat to help you get unstuck in a hurry in snow or mud for vehicles. We can manufacture  you  CUSTOM MATS to almost any size

For the kids in the family small or large check out our Black Stallion
HORSE SWINGS for any playground or backyard, guaranteed you wont get "Tired" of this ride.

Please feel free to visit our website further, and view our eco friendly products and join us in helping clean our mother earth
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A Smart Step.... For The Future
Quality - Unique Products Recycled
        & Manufactured from Tires
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