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            Hi, 22 April is Earth Day.  This year is the 31th Anniversary.  Let's Celebrate and Cherish Our Home.

Why Wait, Act Now!!!


Welcome to "School of Environment"!!!!!  I am Vivian.

I set up this web-based school as I would like to share my work with you.  I am not a great environmentalist.  I just feel that environment is our home.  No one desires to live in a polluted and dirty home.  But it is the case happening in reality.  The quality of our home is being degraded.  I hope that the resources available in this school can let people know more about our living environment and arouse our awareness to the issues of environmental conservation.  I studied Geography and Environmental Science in universities from 1995 to 1999.  It is my aspiration to contribute myself to a quality environment.  I am interested in on doing environmentally-related research, particularly keen on the air quality issue.  I also love outting, letting myself be close to the amazing flora and fauna world of the nature.          



It is a web-based school designed to be an environmental resources platform, providing diverse and interesting environmentally-related information.  Hopefully, the resources available in this school will be helpful and let you understand more about our environment.  Apart from providing resources, the ultimate mission of this school is to be able to arouse everyone's awareness to our living environment.


"Love Our Nature" is one of the main themes promoted by this school.  The rationale is that the colorful world of nature is a treasure box of knowledge and resources, awaiting us to explore.  Nature is our friend.  She always welcome us to be close to her.  Entering the nature, you will be amazed by its colorful world of LIFE.  Befriend with the nature, "School of Environment" warmly welcomes everyone, no matter kids or adults, to join us to go out to the field.  It will be a good sport for you during weekends.    


Another main objective of "School of Environment" is to offer help to any interesting party who needs assistance in organizing environmental campaign, such as green school campaign, housing estate recycling programme, and implementation of  environmental management system (EMS) in corporate.  Though I am not an expert, I hope I can make a little contribution, and I am happy to share my experience with you.  

(Remark:   All participation is on voluntary basis.  NO charge at all)


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