oh yes, lets get enviromental BABY!

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    Whats is an Environmentalist

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    Throughout history, individuals have appeared who made environmental stewardship their life work. For example, treasures such as Yosemite and the Grand Canyon became national parks through the efforts of a handful of passionate conservationists. Children and adults alike will be inspired by the lives and efforts of these rugged individualists.

    Much hay is made over the fate of the planet. Global warming, habitat destruction, and species extinction are consistently in the news these days. The doomsayers, and naysayers, all get to speak their piece to support their point of view.

    Environmentalists see the rapid decline of the planet's resources, wildlife, and environment as good reason to sound the alarm bells. They proclaim loudly that water is becoming scarce, that the air is becoming un-breathable and that the atmosphere is eroding. A massive extinction is in progress and if we don't move now, everything will be lost. It's happening and we must do everything we can to prevent it.

    The "other" side does not agree. Economic progress is the ultimate standard that measures success. Economic progress is good for everyone and should be as widespread as possible. The North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), the Multilateral Agreement on Investment (MAI), and various other "globalization" initiatives help spread the gospel and share the wealth. The big question () is ignored