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These photographs where taken over the last 5 years. In the cities of Long Beach, Seal Beach and San Pedro. I live in Long Beach CA. One block from the sand. When I first moved to Long Beach I never went down to the sand. When I did this is what I saw. Trash and tons of it. Almost all of the trash that washes up on the sands of the local beach is the result of people throwing their trash in the gutters and storm drains of LA County. These storm drains then dump their loads into the LA River, which then washes up on the sands of our beaches. I honestly can not believe that people consciously think about where their trash goes when they throw it into the streets. Or that it might end up in the Pacific Ocean. At the same time I can't accept that people are really that ignorant.

I started taking pictures of the trash because I was simply disgusted and wanted to make some sort of statement. I soon realized that not many people want to know that this is what the beach looks like.

It is hard for me not to sound angry, when I write this. So I will let the pictures speak for them selves.

I will also note that none of the objects in the photographs where staged in anyway. I did not touch any of the objects. With exception given to the syringes, of which I picked up and disposed of properly.

If you also have photographs of pollution in your town and would like to have your pictures included in this gallery of trash please let me know. I would also like to see stories of triumph. Those of a positive change that has been made. Photo essays that show what people can do, when they want to live in a world free from pollution.

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