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Prof. S.K.Bose Memorial Lecture,03

Energy Sector Overview in India
Mineral Resources in Chhattisgarh
Inaugural Address at the 19th World Mining Congress
Congress Declaration at the 19th World Mining Congress
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National Seminar on Environmental Engineering with special emphasis on MINING ENVIRONMENT (NSEEME-2004)
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Link to Indian School of Mines,Dhanbad

Plants in ISM,Dhanbad
World Environment Day Celebration,2003

Jharkhand-28th State of India

A Review of Jharkhand
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ENVIS Centre on Environmental Problems of Mining
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NVIS(Environmental Information System)
is a network of subject specific nodes located in various institutions throughout the country.The Focal Point of the ENVIS Centres is at the Ministry of Environment and Forests(MoEF),New Delhi,which further serves as the Regional Service Centre(R
SC) for INFOTERRA network,the global information network of the United Nations Environment Programme(UNEP) to cater the environment information needs in the South Asian sub-region.The primary objective of all ENVIS Centres is to collect, collate,store and disseminate environment related information to various user groups,including researchers,policy planners and decision makers. The ENVIS Centre at Centre of Mining Environment,ISM,Dhanbad was set up in 1991 to serve as an ENVIS Centre on Environmental problems of mining