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Enya Themes, Screen Savers, icons...

These will only work with Microsoft Windows 95-98. Feel free to try and create some for other platforms.

= Varrot Phasunthadol's Enya Themes@ (Windows only) by Varrot Phasuthadol
= Enya Medley Theme (zip, Win95/98) 362K
= Self-installing version of the above (exe) 678K
= Startup and shutdown logos (zip) 106K
= Picture for desktop: Enya Theme (JPEG) by Diorges 68K
Original artwork. Inspiration from Shepherd Moons
= Picture for desktop: Watermark Theme (JPEG) by Fernando Botello 87K
Just like Watermark cover.
= Picture for desktop: Enya Stars Theme (JPEG) by Christian Bernard 111K
Edited from Japanese promo booklet for Shepherd Moons
= EUHP Screen Saver (30 changing pictures) by EUHP 1,5M
= Enya icons for desktop (1) by Félix D. Fuentes 44K
* Enya icons for desktop (2) by Ray Yuan 49K

Enya and Celtic related fonts (

A reconstruction of the font used on the Watermark cover as well as the Enya logo.

Font Sample
= For Macintosh (zip) 32K
= For Windows (zip) 25K

A conventional Gaelic typeface.

Font Sample
= For Windows (zip) 34K

The Enya logo as a font. Scanned and traced. Please keep in mind that it should not be used professionally without consent. The lower link is a file which automatically registers the font after installing it in your Fonts directory.

Font Sample
= Microsoft Windows (zip) 2K
= Microsoft Win95 (self-installing) 83K

Gaelic Fonts (Windows)

= Bunchló 2.2 18K
= Bunchló na Nod 1.1 17K
= Celtic Gaelige 24K
= Fíorchló 1.0 20K
= Glanchló 6.3 17K
= Ollchló 1.0 24K
= Seanchló 1.0 22K
= Tromchló 2.0 21K
= Urchló 2.0 15K

The Enya logo as Vector Graphic (

= CorelDraw (zip) 6K
= Adobe Illustrator (zip) 6K
= AutoCAD DXF (zip) 4K
= All of them (self-installing) 36K

Raytraced Files

* Raytraced Animation (avi) by Andrzej Gromowski 2066K

Animation Gifs

* Transparency (RGB 0,0,255) by Andrzej Gromowski 281K


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