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Does the Brazilian edition of ADWR have a break between tracks 4 and 5?

Yes, it does. Between "Tempus Vernum" and "Deora Ar Mo Chroí" there is
a 1 second distinct break
rather than the segue found on other releases.

Why does Enya not like the "New Age" category?

Enya has commented on interviews that she doesn't like music labelling with rigid categories.
Usually when they ask "What kind of music is yours?", she simple says "Enya".

The lyrics for "Ebudae" don't match what I'm hearing. Why?

The Gaelic lyrics given on the liner notes are for the quiet solo passage, almost hidden
in the middle of the song.

The bold theme in the foreground is a meaningless chant that has not been written down,
though several contributors to the newsgroup have tried.

How many solo albums has her sister Máire released? Is Enya featured on them?

Máire Brennan has released 4 solo albums. No, Enya is not featured in any of them.

Máire (1992) / Misty Eyed Adventures (1995)

Perfect Time (1998) / Whisper to the Wild Water (1999)

Did she compose the soundtrack of "The Last of the Mohicans" ?

No, she didn't. Actually the only soundtrack which she composed entirely was for the BBC
TV series "The Celts" broadcasted in 1987 and the one she composed almost entirely was for
the David Puttnam's movie "The Frog Prince" in 1985 (there are 16 tracks, 11 by Enya). But:

Several of her pieces have been used in films:

1990   Green Card   'River', 'Storms In Africa', 'Watermark'
1991   L.A. Story   'Epona', 'Exile', 'On Your Shore'
1992   Far And Away   'Book Of Days (English version)'
1992   Sleepwalkers   'Boadicea'
1992   Toys   'Ebudæ'
1993   Age Of Innocence   'Marble Halls'
1995   Cry The Beloved Country   'Exile'
2001   Sweet November   'Only Time'

A number of her tracks have been used in TV commercials and also as incidental music in
numerous shows and documentaries. This list is certainly not a complete one:

Some ads that are NOT by Enya brought new fans to the newsgroup, asking "Was that her?"
When in doubt, I suggest you check
Dave Allum's excellent discography. I've heard that some
Napster users tend to stick the "Enya" label on things without checking...

Many newsgroup participants have remarked on the "Enya-like" soundtrack of James Cameron's
TITANIC. The vocal performance is by a young Norwegian, Sissel Kyrkeby

The recent release AT FIRST SIGHT, starring Val Kilmer, used an Enya-like tune in its advertising;
but the credits say that the music for the film was written by Mark Isham.

Solas: "The Irish composer Ronan Hardiman has released two albums, 'Celtic Classics' I and II,
under the pseudonym of Shanon, and a third one, 'Solas', under his real name. He also
composed the soundtrack of the musical show 'Lord of the Dance'."

I've heard../ I saw on TV.../ They say.../ I read on the newspaper.../..that Enya is dead, is that true?

Absolutely not. It's a false rumor, don't worry. Enya is alive. The fact is: Enya keeps a very private
lifestyle, goes out very little and only does interviews when an album is released. The consequence
is a "big silence". However, in 1997, Enya, Nicky and Roma were in a minor car accident, but
nothing serious. Even then, false rumors were floating around saying that she died, and other false
rumors saying she attempted. These are not true.

Does she tour?

The short answer is "No." She is on record as wanting to put her music on stage but, not wanting
to sit surrounded by tape decks, would have to rearrange it for live performance. 

She has made appearances at benefits and for the Pope, but these involved playbacks of her work
while she played and (possibly) sang along, not a true live performance. It takes her weeks in the
studio to produce one song. On stage she would have to somehow do it in just three minutes.
A choir, no matter how well rehearsed, would only be similar to Enya's studio work. Her reputation
is not that of a performer who accepts "close" or "good enough."

More recent reports indicate that she may finally attempt a live performance tour in connection
with her new album.

Is she single?

Yep. Never married, and of course no kids; but we hear she has a longtime male companion.
No further details. Sorry, guys.

What's her adress? Is she on the net?

Several domain names have been set up in the last few months:,, and, each registered to Eithne and the Ryans. We should probably
note this line from the liner notes for ADWR: "Recorded in the digital domain by an analogue brain."
Eithne herself was asked if she feels she is ready for the Internet age, and responded that
"It doesn't seem to convey emotion well."

The best way to write to Enya is via her record company: WEA in most of the world and
Reprise in the USA

Outside USA:

     c/o Warner Music (UK)
     The Warner Building
     28 Kensington Church St.
     London W8 4EP

Inside  USA:

     c/o Reprise Records
     3300 Warner Blvd.
     Burbank, CA 91505

Warner Music Japan has a page titled "Angel Garden" that has a "personal message"
from Enya, expressing her excitement over  her new album and inviting comments
from fans. This is probably a legitimate page.

In newsgroups or direct email, however, when you see messages that claim to be from
a famous person, whether from Enya or "", you should
remember that it is trivial to fake such messages.

Is Loreena McKennitt her sister?

No. Loreena McKennitt is Canadian.
All Enya's brothers and sisters were born in Ireland.

Where can I find Enya MP3's?

Most of the MP3 sites have Enya songs from the albums, but be careful, some MP3 sites are
mistaken putting any other New Age song as an Enya song. But there is a very good sites which
has the most rare Enya MP3's.

Enya Rarities & Singles

Where can I find her singles?

Unfortunately it's not easy. Nowadays, the best way to get rare stuff are the auctions. However,
if you live in the UK, US or Japan, you probably will find her items easier than in other countries.

I keep hearing that "Enya" is three people. What does this mean?

Although fronted by Enya herself, the music released under her name is the result
of a collaboration between Enya (music/arrangements), Nicky Ryan (production/arrangements)
and Roma Ryan (lyrics). Enya has said in several interviews that without any one
of them 'Enya' could not exist

Some of her songs aren't in English. What other languages does she use?

Enya's non-English songs are generally sung in Irish, which is her first language. Of the others,
four are sung in Latin ('Cursum Perficio', 'Afer Ventus', 'Pax Deorum', 'Tempus Vernum'),
one in Welsh ('Dan Y Dwr'), and one in Spanish ('La Soñadora').

What do the Irish dedications in the various album liner notes mean?

Tá muid fíorbhuíoch do Rob Dickins ar son an chuidiú agus an mhisneach a thug sé dúinn.
We are truly grateful to Rob Dickins for the help and courage he gave us.

Shepherd Moons
Ár mbuíochas do Rob Dickins a d'fhan, "ag an stiúir".
Our thanks to Rob Dickins who "stayed at the helm".

The Memory Of Trees
Ba dheacair dúinne an t-album seo a shamhlú gan focla spreagtha sin Rob Dickins.
It would be difficult for us to imagine this album without those inspiring/encouraging
words of Rob Dickins.

Paint The Sky With Stars
Mar as gnáth... mbuióchas do Rob Dickins.
As always... our thanks to Rob Dickins

Who are Miss Clare and Miss Quinn?

Mrs. Dora Saint, a former teacher, is better known as Miss Read, the author of many well-loved
books, popular for their humorous and honest portraits of English rural life.. Two of these are "No
Holly for Miss Quinn" (1976) and "Miss Clare Remembers" (1962).



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