'Such nice things I'd heard of him.. and these are only some of them!'
Funeral Procession news Halkin Sesi 19 Dec 92 photo Baturay

Fedai, on 'teacher of teachers' Halkin Sesi 27 Dec 92
'He was a modern &
Even though teacher Ari'd retired from teaching over a dozen years before,
Dogrusoz -Kibris 5 Feb 99
Editorial -Halkin Sesi 27 Dec 92

"Also teachers took part in the funeral procession"
"Read.. the life of this extraordinary.. poet & thinker"
pupils, students too took part in teachers' teacher's funeral carrying flowers
"Luminary to so many teachers"
Kitromilides, Cyprus High Commision rtd 02
'A kind-heart: teacher Orhan'
'A remarkable man'
Metiner, poem -Birlik 29 Jan 93
'Passed away a star-true in 1992'
Prof Karaali Istanbul University Turkey Feb 93
'Condolences to his community'
A best site 'Internet Adviser' UK Jul 01
successful educator'

Leader of Parliament KKTC -22 Dec 92

Basaran, FBIS -'American Radio' Cy rtd 01
'I'm proud to've known Mr Orhan Seyfi Ari'
Teacher of Teachers
Dellal, CTI Cultural Assoc., Australia Feb 93
''He helped us"
'An exceptional man'
'[Orhan Ari] will be placed in our library'
Guvenir, Halkin Sesi 27 Nov 04
"See what our teacher has said about teaching..."
Dasci -Birlesik Kibris 19 Sep 03
'We had a teacher, Ari.. there was teaching -education'
We came across this teacher Ari.. so I got training in my craft
Golden Frame interview -Halkin Sesi 9 May 04
London University, Commonwealth

Institute -Institute of Advanced Studies, 97