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Hiya all, just lettin everyone know im going on a vacation for about a week or a tad more, leaving early on the 9th so, cya all when i get back! -|Kamikazii|-

Hey everyone, just updating from school, nothing to really say.... umm, so yea, hope y'all are doin fine on the OI side, RS is goin good.... yea, cya all -|Kamikazii|-

Hi peeps, been a while, i havn't talked to Xeldorn for a while so i dunno what's goin on, im not on much anymore at all anyways, but im still lookin after the rs division the best to my abilities..... that's all for now -|Kamikazii|-

Hiya peeps, just doin a routine update i guess u could say..... not much new with the rs division... lol, i cant think of anything else... so, cya. -|Kamikazii|-

Ahoy Mateys, a new Site is being created by Rajin and will hopefully be done soon! Im going to start recruiting level 10 and up again until we get lots of members then weed out the bad ones(like i did before) hopefully ill get some good members. May the Essence of Darkness be with you ;) ~Xeldorn~

Hiya peeps, guess who? =) since im running the runescape division, I get to do the news for it, lol. Anyways, if you want to join the runescape division just give me a msg on aim, my sn is NORE EoD, and if you want to join the ogreisland division, msg Xeldorn, his sn is St0rmY438. Cya all around. -Kamikazii- (aka NORE)

Ahoy mateys. the Merchants of Ogre Island need our help! your quest is to collect all the items data you can. the our items button is linked to their items guide now so whenever you ahve data to put in, just click on items. its the MER items guide and they have asked for assistance in obtaining the info. once its complete the items link on the EoD site will go straight to that. Another quest you all can help EoD complete is collecting data for the beastiary. Whenever you fight a monster just type /stats and write down the stats that are shown along with the kind of monster it is and anything else u can find about it. May the Essence of Darkness be with you ;) ~Xeldorn~

I wrote a story about the history of EoD. it may be added on to later, check it out see how u like it. im changing the initiation ritual to fit the story but ill do that l8r cuz PvP is out! ~Xeldorn!~
I really have no news to announce but it appears that the website has been in a 6-27-04 time warp so I decided to fix it. Oh yes, also, EoD is doing great if all of our members keep leveling i believe that it won't be long until EoD is one of the most respected guilds in Ogre Island. -Zabooku

Well, so far we are doing pretty good, most of us are leveling a good amount and we are getting new members. Keep up the good training and may the Essence of Darkness be with you ~Xeldorn~

IT is I, Xeldorn, Elder of the Guild of Essence of Darkness and Thak worshippers! I have created the initiation ritual which, i must say, is a very vile ritual that the Essence of Darkness and the god Thak will be quite pleased with. The first ritual to initiate all the member we currently have will be when Zabboku and Myself decide it should be. realize the ritual is a role playing thing, we arent being serious cuz thatd jsut be creepy lol. That is all for now. May the Essence of Darkness be with you!

Ahoy is Xel! now that Zab is back EoD will finally be whole again and I'm sure we will progress greatly. I added an 8th rule so you should all check it out because it is very important. if anyone is willing to help collect data for the bestiary and/or items guide then please tell me, help will be rewarded. May the Essenc of Darkness be with you!

HELLOOOO everyone it looks as if Zabooku may be back so its time to "eat success for breakfast, with skim milk." We are going to begin climbing until we are among the top guilds in the land. Oh yea I'll give you a special prize if u know what movie the quote is from. I am Zabooku and I approve this message.

Im trying to cut down on the data transfer so the site doesn't go down everytime someone goes to the art section, i deleted old news and am deleted some pictures and trying other things. lets see what happens.

all members of EoD really need to take it up a notch. Get on more guys, if you ahve multiple characters then play the EoD guy more or whats even the point of being in EoD? ive made some changes to the rules so check them out now. still working on the art section(not sure whats wrong with it). EoD is accepting dedicated players, to join, contact me. one more thing, EoD is expanding into runescape. it will be lead by nore and i will start changing the site a little to add in the RS section. you dont haveta play rs or anything, eod is just going to be in rs. if you ahve questions about it ask nore since he is the leader of it and i dont play rs ~Xeldorn~

Well, beta is finally out, clans have just been added, and school is out! so I'm going to be updating the site since i haven't updated it for a very long time. You might not want to go to the art section because thats sort of messed up at the moment but ill fix it. We may accept some new members, but don't get your hopes up. if you want to join just request to and see what happens. all former EoD members are most likely welcome back. thats all for now, ill see you on the Island! ~Xeldorn~