A few sites I consider worth sharing

Work related

William Durning's site. A friend and fellow EOD guy whose has some interesting pictures from Bosnia.

The Army's site. Get the propaganda straight from the horse's mouth.

Hobby Sites

Conneley Ski's. My personal favorites.

Moomba boats. I don't have one, yet.

Kawasaki. Jet Skis, 4 Wheelers, Motorcycles and lots of other cool stuff.

The National Rifle Association. If you own a gun you should be a member. If you don't own a gun but value your right to choose you should be a member.


The Orthodox Church of Buffet official site. For all you Parrot Heads out there this is a must see.

Bear Share. Like Napster but better...

Everything Else...

Benderama. My step-father's site some funny stuff as well as some cool Russian stuff.

Hot or Not. Ok I am not sure why this is so entertaining but it is. You look at pics and rate them 1 to 10, then you get to see what everyone else thinks

Internet Movie Database. Best place on the internet to settle bets on who was in what movie. (Did you know Charlotte from Sex in the City was the girlfriend/reporter in The Manhattan Project? Look for yourself.)

Roadside America. A cool site, check it out if you are going on a roadtrip. If you don't stop and look around once in a while you just might miss something.

High School Alumni Sites:
frighteningly enough I am closing in on my 10 year. Here are a few good sites to help you find all those long lost friends. Sign up then tell your friends. A good site but to actually get the email addresses you have to pay. Fortunately you can see who is registered without paying so you know if it is worth your $.

High School Alumni. Everything is free on this one.

Taylor Publishing. They publish yearbooks and set up reunions they might be planning yours, worth a look.

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