ESMS games are FREE to play!
Small update for the magazine.
As predicted I didn't get waves of aticles through my mailbox. I didn't actually get any.
So the magazine hasn't started yet.
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What is EOFA?
EOFA acts as a resource centre for people who have an involvement with a league or competition which runs it's games using the esms software. EOFA is not a league itself, nor does it
currently run any tournements.

What is ESMS?
ESMS is a program that runs matches based on teamsheets created by managers of fantasy football teams. The software also updates tables and statistics for a fantasy football league.

How do I play?
Check out the league list, click on a league, click there join button. If none of the leagues have any club vacancies, you can try out the
EOFA vancancy list, although many leagues have their own waiting lists.

What do I need to play?
A computer, with a valid e-mail account, and just a tiny bit of time each week to run your club. It's up to you how much time you spend playing, and we can safely say, the more you put in, the more enjoyment there is for you.
Most leagues provide infomation on how to actually run your team, and we hope to have our training page up and running shortly.

I've been in leagues, and now I want to run my own. How?
You probably know quite a bit about how ESMS works, and that's a good start. Go to our
downloads page and download the software you need, including the help files. Everything there should be able to at least get you started. Don't forget to set up a website or an online meeting place for your league. Again, we soon hope to have our trianing page full of articles and modules to help you even more.
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ESMS games are FREE to play!
EOFA Mission Statement
"Wherever possible, and whenever needed, EOFA exists to help maximise the enjoyment of games and competitions organised by associations, leagues and independents that use the electronic soccer management simulator (esms) software and/or the electronic soccer management simulator (esms) plus software.
EOFA will strive to keep gamers, comissioners and enthusiasts as up to date as possible in the ever changing world of ESMS leagues and software.
EOFA also hope to maintain the community spirit for people associated with any aspect of EOFA and ESMS"
Don't pay for your play-by-mail or play-by-email league,
join an esms league instead.