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OccultStudies is an irc chat server dedicated to study and practices of occult and pagan nature. The server targets teen and adult pagans and occultists, but is open to all who wish to join us, regardless of interests or religion. For this reason we ask that you show some level of reverence towards all our guests and regular users alike.

If you would like to join us, you can connect with your irc client by using the info that follows, or if you do not have an irc client you can click the Eye above to join us. Below is a list of servers for users with clients, and a list of channels available for webchat users as well. [port: 6667] [port: 6667]


  • #occultstudies - The main channel for the IRC server.
  • #pagan - The other main channel due to history of use.
  • #eyeofhorus - Sacellum Redemptio's chatroom for general chat, and serious discussion of occult topics. Those interested in Hermetics, Alchemy, Mysticism, Thelema, Ceremonial Magick, Qabalah, or any other occult studies/practices are welcome to join us.
  • #baphomet_temple - Flint, MO Temple's chat.
  • #an_cruinniu - discussion channel for traditionist european religions and religious studies.
  • #circleofothers - those involved with and interested in The Circle of Others. All manner of paranormal, metaphysical, and occult topics discussed.
  • #highmagick - self explanatory?
  • #alchemy - self explanatory?

You are welcome to register your own channel on our network. Speak with any of the following people if you need help with this:

NameEmailYahoo Msg.AIMMSN Msg
Glamrin email - - -
Padraig email darkedeloup padraigmaciain
Tehuti email eoh418 tehuti n/a
Fuillann - - - -
Gammelvarg - - - -
Phoenix - - - -
(C)2002 email Tehuti (channel founder)