Eola Texas!
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Eola Texas! Eola is at the junction of Farm Roads 381 and 765, on Dry Hollow some 13 miles south west of Paint Rock in northwestern Concho County. The community has had a post office since 1901, when it was know as Jordon. In 1902 the name was changed to Eola, reportedly after a small local creek named for Aeolus, Greek God of the winds. In the middle to late 1890's public school lands in the county were put up for sale at 50 cents an acre. Spurred on by railroad promotion.......
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Old School of Eola HAS BEEN TOTAL REDONE!! This picture is from 2002,
now in 2006 it is a Resturant, Lodge and a Brewery!!!
You can call the Eola Resturant at 325-469-3314. They are located at 12119 FM 381
They are open 11am to 9pm Monday thru Saturday and 11am to 2pm on Sunday.

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Note From the Editor:

I wanted to create a non-profit page for the town of Eola because they seem to have no webpage presence. All of the businesses listed on this page only appear because they are in the town of Eola, not because they paid for the spot. If you find a business I have left out, please let me know so I can add it. I am also hoping you will send me some suggestions so I can make it better.
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