About the quartet
It is the year 1969. The Eolina unique Bulgarian quartet has come into being. Harp-player Vessela Geleva's idea to unite four instruments of different kind - the flute, the viola, the harp and the cemballo (or piano) - into an ensemble given the mythical name of Ancient Greece Eolian harp, has brought together four talented musicians determinated to find a style of their own and bring their art to perfection.
The Eolina Quartet has succeeded in finding itself, its own sound and means of expression, its pictorial and emotional range. Featuring this ensemble are refinement, delicacy, softness, inward turning of expirience - thypical of chamber music - to the point of what is personal and intimate. The musicians add to this all their large-scale abilities, emotional force and sense of free scope.
The Quartet's unique style of performance, its numerous achievements on the thorny path to perfection are mainly due to the high professional training of the musicians, and the hard everyday work in pursuit of a goal while searching for various new ideas and their implementation.
Eolina is constantly widening the range of its repertoire which includes music created over a span of five centuries - from the 16th c. to these days.
It looks for and makes popular old masters' unknown works and such by unknown composers of the 16th and 17th centuries many of them performed for the first time.
This ensemble is also among the first to play a number of contemporary works by Bulgarian as well as by foreign composers. There are more than 40 such works especially written for it.
The 1973 post-graduate studies under Prof. Krafka at the Academy of Arts in Brno and those in Paris in 1975 and 1977 under Prof. Joseph Calvet, a prominent French violinist and pedagogue, have contributed much to the quartet's proficiency in creativity.
Over 1600 concerts in more than 20 countries, audio records, many films for various TV companies, tape recordings in different European countries - this is but part of what is on record about this unique ensemble which has become a synonym of creative search and musical vitality.
Name: EOLINA quartet
Email: eolinaquartet@yahoo.com