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-- A Statement on Rights --
"Sex Offender Rights" -and- "Sex Offender Privacy Rights"
Those phrases can be misleading and are regularly misused!
RIGHTS DEFINED: The "rights" granted to every Citizen, also apply to ALL sex offenders and flow from common law, constitutional law, and statutory law. These rights apply to every citizen, yet rights can be diminished, if a person adversely infringes on rights of another person.

Some rights are so fundamental that they need no law to define them. At birth a person is automatically entitled to a place in society, a place to live, a place to work to support themselves, a place to worship God according to their belief, and the right to marry, establish a home and bring up children. Absent a criminal act, and then only during the sentence for that act, these rights are fundamental and -cannot be eliminated- by anyone or any government.

Society generally perceives, that ALL sex offenders (society refuses to distinguish between former offenders and current offenders) will recidivate (meaning former offenders will again infringe on the rights of another in the future), and because of that perception, society believes their rights, can or should be diminished today (some feel eliminated, but, the Constitution prohibits that)!

There are some folks who want to diminish rights which exist for ALL sex offenders, those folks fail to recognize, if government can diminish rights of -anyone or a group-, then it has the power to diminish rights of everyone! Someday, every door may knock!

Persons convicted of a CRIME have a circle of people around them, their Zone of Associations, their family (often with children), friends, business associates, and their daily contacts. Finally, when rights of persons PREVIOUSLY convicted of a CRIME are diminished, it effects not only that person, but every person in their Zone of Associations -everyone suffers-, including their children!

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