Starring: Regine Velasques, & Christopher De Leon

Sypnosis : A dashing widower. Three bubbly kids. One high-spirited music tutor.

How can they sing beautiful music together?

When the maddening stresses of widowhood get into the nerves of thirty-something single-parent, Dante (Christopher de Leon), he knows it's time to start scouting for that terribly missed mother-figure.

Timing strikes perfect when he finds that his youngest child is having a hard time leveling with the pressures of loneliness and the demands she get from schooling. He knows he needs a tutor for his daughter; somebody who would act as a counselor, teacher, and playmate.

Then Sam (Regine Velasquez)-a feisty vagrant club singer-walks into their empty home. Armed with a natural zing for fun, she turns the once lonely home into a carnival. Wanted: Perfect Mother is one wholesome feel-good affair for the family.



Starring: Regine Velasques, Donna Cruz & Mikee Cojuanco

Sypnosis : They're three different girls with different backgrounds. Donette (Donna Cruz) is the vain and spoiled daughter of a rich couple; Reggie (Regine Velasquez) is the conservative lola's girl; and Mikki (Mikee Cojuangco) is the only gilr in a family dominated by very physical males. Poles apart they may seem, but there's one thing that binds them: their love for music.

One day, fate wills that they meet, and together, their voices blend to create beautiful melodies. And as they sing their way through life's ups and downs, they build a friendship strong enough to last a lifetime.




Starring: Regine Velasques & Aga Mulach

Sypnosis : Two opposing characters. Two contrasting backgrounds. One love story written in the stars.

When Andrew's (Aga Muhlach) car collides with Anya's (Regine Velasquez) truck one morning, his relatively peaceful life is destined to change forever. For Anya, is not like any other girl. Downright frank and opinionated Anya knows when not to give up. Despite their initial antagonism, Andrew discovers that beneath Anya's tenacious front is a sweet, spirited woman who knows how to enjoy life. And through Anya, Andrew begins to shed off his rigid stance. But before romance couldl bloom them, Andrew is set to marry someone else...




Starring: Regine Velasques & Robin Padilla

Sypnosis : Francine Natra (played by Regine) is a celebrity missing the simplicity of an ordinary life, which she finds in Gimo (played by Robin). Laugh and feel good as Gimo kidnaps her and eventually wins her heart as he shows her the joys of the simple life. With the powercast of Regine Velasquez and Robin Padilla, this movie is a must-see for every Regine follower.


Kailangan Ko'y Ikaw - Regine Velasquez
Star on a TV Show - Regine Velasquez
The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face - Regine Velasquez
Suntok sa Buwan - featuring Ely Buendia
Tuwing Umuulan - Regine Velasquez duet with Robin Padilla
Giliw - Regine Velasquez
Everyday - Regine Velasquez duet with Raul Mitra
The Best That I Can Be (She Loves Me) - featuring Gabby Eigenmann
Tuwing Umuulan - Regine Velasquez
Sabihin Mo Lang - Regine Velasquez
My Heart Still Wishes For You - Regine Velasquez
Kaligayahan - Regine Velasquez



Starring: Regine Velasques & Aga Mulach

Sypnosis : In the hospital, Vince a womanizer, is comatose and mistakes Cristina as his guardian angel when he sees her as he opened his eyes. Little did he know that Cristina nearly killed him when she accidentally pulled his life plug. When he got well, he vowed to treat women better and find her guardian angel. One day, Cristina sees Vince with his friends. Cristina was happy and relieved to see Vince alive that she hit him on the head. When Vince saw his "guardian angel", he tracked her down to get to know her better. They then realize that they share many things in common - but they are not sure if they share their attraction for one another....

Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Produced by: Regine Velasquez & Raul Mitra

All vocals by Regine Velasquez except where indicated.

With A Smile
Someone To Watch Over Me (duet with Robert Arevalo)
Kailan Pa Man
Tanging Mahal
Your Friend (featuring Dianne Roque)
Sana Nga
Now That We're Closer (featuring Raul Mitra)
Bakit Ngayon Ka Lang (featuring Jaya)
Thank You For Being My Friend (featuring Sherilyn Reyes)
Someone To Watch Over Me




Starring: Regine Velasques & Richard Gomez

Ryan is a bachelor who is not hesitant of commitment. In fact, each time he engages in a relationship, he dreams of settling down. But each time he feels that he has found the perfect partner, he finds someone better.

Katherine, meanwhile is a boring post office worker, who feels unloved and unwanted by the people around her. Since her parents separated with families of their own, the only family she has are the owners of the dormitory.

One fateful night, their paths crossed which resulted to a wonderful relationship. But when Katherine learns from her dorm mate that her boyfriend left her in spite of giving everything to him, Katherine feared for herself. Will Ryan be able to prove tha his love for Katherine is true and that she will not have the same destiny as her dorm mates'?



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