The Whitlams are Good. But they're not the Gadflys.

- Greg Fleet 1998

The Gadflys are:

Mick Moriarty- Guitar and vocals.

Phil Moriarty- Vocals, Tin Whistle, Guitar, Clarinet, Harmonica.

Peter Kelly- Trumpet, percussion.

Peter Velzen- Drums, Percussion.


Kathryn Brownhill- Violin.

Kyrie Mishkin- Trombone.

Cathy Tabrette- Cello.

Brendan Smyly- Tennor sax.

Pat Hayes- Backing vocals.

Simon Horn- Double Bass.

Jon Nix- Double Bass, vocals, electric bass, banjo, piano, piano accordian.

Bernie Hayes- Finger pickin' guitar.

Kathryn Wemyss- Trumpet.

Sarah Peet- Cello.

Gemma Clare- Cello.

Basically they are legends!


Self Titled EP
Take Your Medicine LP
Don't Get Me Wrong EP
Guru EP
Dimitri's Bungalo. (1996)
Out of the bag (1998) *can't remember the name.. (hey I'm millions of kms away from my cd colection!) (2000)

They are all available. unless like myself you have a crap cd shop near by! Except in my case I am in another country.

The Gadflys are a band originally from Canberra Australia. They have being playing at The Melbourne International Comedy Festival since 1996. Their big break came in mid 1998 when they were asked to be the band for the hugely popular ABC-TV program.

Good News Weekend. When the GNW team went to Channel 10, the Gadies followed and find themselves as the house-band for Good News Week Nite Lite.

They're going to be Big. (Well hopefully not too big. We don't want the guys to get big egos or anything!) So do yourself a favour. Go out and buy their Cd's!

The Gadflys at Healsville Sanctuary February 1999!

The Guys on GNW at the 1999 Melbourne Comedy Festival.

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***Gig Info***

It's all available on Skeeter's message board. (It seems to be mroe up to date than mine. The address is on my message board!

Well you can see this page is shit so far. But you can visit their actual page. (Asuming it's still there. I got this adress two years ago.)

The Gadflys' Own Page.

An interview with Mick Moriarty.

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