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Update: Jan. 30, 2004

Has it been over a year since I've done anything with this page? Well, I guess so. I've been doing everything else, it seems. Actually, this site does have a new addidtion, something really stupid and guaranteed to piss off somebody. Check it out: Dougie's Obscenity Of The Day

For those who have been waiting patientily for me to get back to my writing about rock albums and such, uh, remain patient. Sorry, I've really not been able to make it a priority for a while now. I will again someday. Meanwhile, I'm just doing day-to-day stuff while wathcing my amazing daughter grow. She's going to be three years old in May. She's quite fun.

Until then...

My interview with Mike Keneally from a couple years ago is still online.

Read it HERE

Part two is up and it is HERE

And, as always, make sure to visit Mike at

Thanks for reading my stuff. Be well.

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"Because everyone knows the fabric of folly is falling apart at the seams." - Beck