Gabriel Benzano

My guest artist at the Virtual Gallery

Gabriel Benzano, an Artist, an Art teacher and a friend exhibited at the same time at The " Virtual Gallery " and at " Sara Erman Gallery ", Gordon st 29, apt. 4, Tel Aviv, Israel, Tel/Fax: 972-3-522-5970, 19.02.99 - 16.03.99.

The exhibition at Sara Erman comprises section 1, at the Virtual Gallery there are all the three sections:

1. " Iron Drawings ", the works in human size made out of construction iron welded together, the works were created in 1997/98, the works are transformation of the Artist's model sketches that were selected by the Artist and were translated to rough commercial iron material. The idea is that the iron is the drawing material and the wall - the paper.

The line drawing works of Gabriel Bezano is a major part of the Artist ouvre. In 1971 the Artist made a short animation movie, 16 mm, " A Form and a Line ", the film was selected for screening at the Venice Film Festival and earned the silver medal for short and documentary category.

1973 the exhibition, " A Women in drawing ", line, graphite, at the Holon Art Institute.

1980, Sara Levy Gallery, line drawings on paper, 65 x 76cm, the drawings created a kind of computer grid that imitated milimetric/computer/commercial drawing paper.

This body of work will be presented at the Sara Erman Gallery.

2. Smaller scale of bronze and copper line drawings that were taken from anonymous photographer's photos from the beginning of the 20th century. These sculptures were done in 1997/98.

3. Smaller scale of copper, bronze and lead sculptures that were transformed from the Artist's sketch books and a beautiful sculpture made after the famous drawing - " Stravinsky ", by Picasso, ( no-1 ). All done in 1997/98.



For more information please contact the Artist: Gabriel Benzano, 24/26 Har Sinai st. Raanana, Israel, tel: 972-9-7743481.

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