In this site you can find:

  • 1 . My paintings, drawings and photography. M. Erez.
  • 2. An active Virtual art Gallery featuring changing exhibitions.
  • 3. Work in progress From my studio,
  • 4. The music of Itamar erez's site, artists:Itamar Erez,, Adama .
  • 5. Up-to-date information on current art projects and other cultural events in Israel and elsewhere. These currently include Ronny Somek's poetry, Nahoum Cohen's art, and "Art in the City".
  • 6. How to order books and art works from a Commercial Internet Art Gallery.
  • 7.The wandering camera.
  • 8. An old-new political section, mostly from Israel.
  • 9. My visitors' corner: in which you are invited to post your e-mailed comments (or whatever else you might like to write) on my website.
  • 10. Hackers, (sent to me by the "xhacker").
  • 11. Miscellaneous notes: among them: how to navigate through the site's structure.
  • 12. The new MOMA after three years renovation.


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