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Anne Shihadeh CSHM, CPDM
Anne Shihadeh is a Certified Safety and Health Professional, and a Certified Professional in Disability Management. She provides Ergonomics and Disability Management Consulting Services to a wide variety of clients. Based in Portland Oregon, Anne is available nationwide to meet your Ergonomics and Disability Management needs. Anne has more than 20 years of experience in the fields of Occupational Safety, Health, and Workers' Compensation Case Management and Rehabilitation.

Anne is the former
award winning Ergonomics Program Manager of the City of Portland Oregon. The program she developed and implemented virtually eliminated Cumulative Trauma Disorders for the City's 2500 computer users. Her program received awards from the Center for Office Technology, Public Risk and Insurance Management Association, and from the Risk and Insurance Management Society.

Clients include some of the larger employers in the Northwest, the
US Dept. of Energy's Bonneville Power Administration, Tektronix, Standard Insurance, the Port of Portland, and the State of Oregon.

Services provided include
: Training, Program Development, Ergonomic Assessments, Worksite Modification, Product Development and Design Review, Assistance in Space Planning, Office Layout, Office Furnishings, and Equipment Selection, Return to Work Assistance, Project Management, Program Development, and Program Auditing. Resaonable Accommodation Program Development and Management

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"No one
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In a Slump".
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"If you wear your body out,
where are you
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Anne Shihadeh
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