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Maurice F. Cassidy was born on a small farm in Aghanagh, Letterbreen, Co Fermanagh. He attended St Michael's Secondary School in Enniskillen and emigrated to Glasgow in 1909, where he worked first as a conductor on the Glasgow Tramways. His brother Patrick Cassidy also worked on the Glasgow Trams and subsequently went to Shanghai in 1913 to manage the Shanghai Tramways Company. Meanwhile, Maurice moved to New York. There he drove trams and taxis, returning to Ireland in 1928 to set up his own bus service. trams.  1894-1967, founder of the Erne Bus Service


The Erne Bus Service, based in Enniskillen, Co Fermanagh, Northern Ireland,
was set up in 1929 by Maurice F. Cassidy. It operated routine services on the Coothill-Clones-Enniskillen-Bundoran routes
and also provided Fermanagh with its first express road service to
Dublin since Bianconi's Stage Coaches.

Till the compulsory take-over of the service by the U.T.A. in 1957,  the cream and brown Erne buses were a familiar sight doing both service and private runs in Fermanagh and surrounding counties.


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