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By: joopan_mico_reeves@yahoo.com c",)
Dedicated to: Someone and Only one!
Version: 2.1

From the moment I met you
All these years ago
Not a day has gone by
When I haven't thought of you.

Then it happened...

Your heart I afflicted
With sorrow, pain, and hatred.
And your response was steep.
Your words, can I describe?
Never can, never will I.

I suffered from these words,
Like a strike of a dagger
Straight to the heart
Not to the liver.

It’s just like a pinch
So, I joked smilingly,
To my close friends
Whom I consider dearly.

No scratch, sideburns, no side effects;
No need for sedative, downer, or anything to inject.
They watched in awe, “he’s brave”, they believed.
But as I turn around the corner
Deep inside… it hurts, it bleeds.

The anguish, the pain, the anger...
Shattered me completely
Like a dummy in a dangle.
My mind, my body, my spirit
Are like fishes in a bowl
With no water in it.


Ang saktan ka…
Ay hindi ko sinadya,
Sa pangarap,
O isipin man lang,
Hindi ko makakaya.

Ninais kong aminin
Ang nararamdaman
Ko sa iyo, o giliw...

Dapat nga ba…
O mas dapat limutin…

I am suffering,
Day and night,
Every time I dream of you...
Every time I think of you...
I am in agony.
The closer I get to you,
The worse it gets.
The thought of not being with you...
I cannot breathe.
I am haunted by the kiss...
That you could never have had given me.
My heart is beating...
Hoping that the kiss
Will not become a scar.
You are in my very soul...
Tormenting me.

What can I do?
I will do anything that you ask.
If you are suffering as much as I am,
Please, tell me.

Maybe I am selfish...
Thinking only of my own feelings...
Thinking passively!

Hindi ko naisip…

This selfishness blinded me
Your feeling I did not foresee
Annoyed you are...
All there is to say is...

A word that is full of meaning,
Full of suffering,
Also self-incriminating.

Words and hearts
Should be handled with care.
For words when spoken
And hearts when broken
Are the hardest things to repair.

The two of us together...
That future is bleak! Arghh!!!
Why can’t I forget?
Why can’t I pretend?
Why can’t I just say
Nothing of this happened
Or can I just be gone,
So I would not have had hurt her
And everything is fine.

All things come to past...
All this...
Are memories...
Sweet memories...
That some when, somehow...
This feeling existed...


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