what's up? let me tell u little about me. I'm 19 years old and i live in a town named Hollister, in the state of California. I go to San Benito high school. I play soccer and i run X-country and track to be in shape for soccer, I love playing defense, i enjoy making people fall down. I like school but not studying...
I have a mom, dad, and three brothers. Im the second, the oldest is 20 and the two younger are 15 and 17. My grandparents live in Acapulco Mexico where i used to live. I hope to come back to Mexico soon so I can be with my grandparents.
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I got three good friends, Jonathan, Gaby and Luis, we always get together and go to the movies, to play soccer  or we just chill out somewhere. The three of us play soccer in high school. My friends of the high school soccer team are also very special.
My hobbies & interest include playing soccer with my friends, running, reading, computers, swiming, going to the movies, and just hanging around my house with my friends. I like watching tv too, listening to music, mostly rock in spanish.
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