I   Current work in Baha'i philosophy.
II   The book "Programming Algol 68 Made Easy" online.
III  The debian package of the Algol to C compiler. Since Dr. Leitchs' homepage seems to be no longer available, I've decided to make it available here. For various reasons, the debian package has been decomposed and you will have to rebuild it before installing. Simply unzip it, and it will create its own directory, then use that directory name as the first argument to 'dpkg -b' ( the other is the filename ).
IV   PDF file of the book "Programming Algol 68 Made Easy". It was originally in Tex format, and has been converted to png files and to a pdf file. This latter does not include the links in the original and should be augmented to 200% magnification to be viewed properly.
V   The PNG files of the book are available as a pair of zip files from my Yahoo briefcase, providing you supply a Yahoo ID.
VI   The GPL. The book is copyright of the General Public License.
VII   The zipped dvi file, with readme and copyright notice included.
VIII   Read the readme.

Geocities limits downloads to about 4 mgbs. per hour, so you might experience some lock ups. Sorry.