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Ernie took after his dad and big brothers. He loved to tell a good and not so good joke! He got a kick out of teasing people, but loved to be teased as well!! The many faces and noises were so anoying at times. (oh! how I would love to see and hear them again!!!)
When your children are small, you enjoy watching them grow. You get to see thier personality grow as well. Ernie had lots of interest. His classmates were very important to him. He loved to be involved in their lives. He was always on the phone doing the gossip thing. I was kept up on all the scoop, on who was with who, or what happened at school.He loved school not because of the learning, but because of the teachers, and friends. Ern wanted to be doing it all. He loved country music and loved to dance!!! Him and I would line dance on the frontroom floor many nights!
July 4th was his favorite holiday. The night stuff was what he would get the most of. He loved to help the local fireworks dealer in town,by  packing  fireworks in boxes in exchange for fireworks. So he had plenty to shoot off come the 4th. He passed away before he got to do his show this year. His brothers shot his fireworks off, and I must say Ern you did a good job again picking them out.
Ernie started out in this world as a Bronco fan ,and left this world as one. He was on cloud 9 when his broncos won, not one but 2 Super Bowls!!! His brothers, and him would play ball in the yard all hours of the day. No matter what the time, or season, rain, snow ,or when ever. They were always playing ball. The picture up above was taken with his brothers ,and his friends before the Super Bowl last year.(1999) Ernie had saved some fireworks over that year...He knew his Broncos would do it again.And he wanted to celibrate with a bang!!! He loved to go to the games with his Dad and Granddad.  The smile on his face was priceless when it was his turn to go. Going up with his "Bronco buddies" made the games even more fun.
His proudest moment in his life was when he got to wear his Big brother Mat's football number in the football camp he entered in the 5th grade! His dream was to play High School football just like his big brother!! His thoughts in his jornal about football was "I like football because you get to hear pads and helmets crack together." " You get to tackle and block other players.
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