The Lair of Erolki

You see a cave, a little ahead... the trail seems gouged, like some sort of plow was through here...

As you approach, you see a sign. it reads:

This the the lair of Erolki. Let all those of brave and noble heart, enter, for Erolki appreciates good company. Let those who are foul of heart and mind, enter, for Erolki appreciates a good meal. Follow the path, and you shall arrive. Upon the left, you shall find a map.

Greetings, Human! You have stumbled upon a repository of wisdom, knowledge, and random sillyness. Few shall leave unchanged, for I, Erolki, have much to tell, and more than you may expect. Enter the Lair of Erolki, and find out much you may not have known.

Note: This site is now in the slow, slow process of being updated. Sadly, no promises as to when it'll be done, but this page will be left up as a placeholder until the new one is somewhat ready. Thanks!

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