How to Write an Effective Letter to your representative….

An original piece of correspondence is a powerful tool when advocating for something you believe in.   Elected officials pay careful attention to their mail. A powerful letter consists of:
An introductory paragraph- the reason for your letter, the title and number of pending legislation, your name and the nature of your interest or concern, and the action you are seeking.
The body of the letter- one to three paragraphs. This section provides the reason to why your legislator should act in support/opposition to the bill. The reason might include historical facts, logic, data and personal experience.  Do not exaggerate or mislead. Facts must be accurate.  They will likely be checked out.
A closing- restate the action you are seeking. Thank them for considering your views. Indicate willingness to help. Include your name and phone number.  Ask for a response.
Use your own words. Honesty and passion carry more weight than form letters. If representing a group or organization, state your responsibilities and use their letterhead.  Keep your letter to one typed page.

My name
My address
City, Colorado zip-code

Rep. Senator First and Last name
Address City, State, Zip Code

Re: I support/oppose House/Senate Bill #(fill in bill number, if you can)
Dear Senator/Representative ( type their name)
I am writing to request your support of House/Senate Bill #______, regarding…..
I am a parent of ___children who attend (school name) in ______.  Like so many schools across MN, ….. This area would depend on the bill  you're writing about and the details in relation to Elk River.
State something that makes you proud of the your school, such as student performance, parental involvement, community feeling, etc. In one or two sentences, give a little background about yourself and community.
Please support House Bill . If you would like any additional information, please contact me at (
your phone number).
Thank you,
Your Signature

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