Code of Ethics

Following is the Code of Ethics we will be implementing for every member that joins with us. Please read thoroughly and ask any questions that come up.

Ethical Guidelines for the Members of the Elk River Area Schools
Parent Legislative Team (PLT)

Members of the PLT will
have many opportunities to interact and communicate with students, parent's, administration, school board members and legislators. PLT members understand they are charged with the following recommended set of principles while serving as a member of the PLT. These ethical guidelines serve as a guide for responsibilities and obligations as a PLT member and NOT as a personal ethical code

1) PLT members will always operate under a positive, information-based approach when interacting with students, parents, staff, administrators, school board members and legislators.
2) PLT members will determine member agreement/consensus. Once a position has been formulated on an issue, a PLT member must use that as the platform from which to state issues while representing the PLT.   PLT members must leave their personal agenda's at the door.  The position the PLT takes, will be to benefit the entire district.
3) PLT members will treat as confidential all sensitive information concerning students, parents, administrators, school board members and legislators.
4) PLT members will present information honestly and will not intentionally misrepresent records or facts relating to legislative issues.
5) PLT members will neither give nor accept gratuities, gifts, or favors to obtain special advantage on behalf of the PLT.
6) PLT members will act in a non-partisan fashion when representing the team.
7) PLT members will not advocate for or against, campaign or endorse specific candidates on behalf of or in the name of the PLT.
8) Any public communication, oral, written or electronic (such as letters to the editor, letters to legislators, etc) shall contain no reference to membership in the PLT unless approved by member agreement/consensus at the next upcoming PLT meeting.
9) As  PLT members  we will work in cooperation with the school board members and administration towards improvements for our school district and children. This work will be done in a positive proactive environment.

If you can agree to the above guidelines we welcome you to join our team.

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