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English Translation by experienced, authorized and highly-qualified translators
English translation for all business and private needs

Translation Service
Arabic> English> Arabic

Other Major modern languages can be outsourced.

Chief Translator
Dr. Amal A. El-Hadary
20-year experience in translation; graduated from Ain Shams University, Cairo and the University of Edinburgh, UK; postdoctoral fellow, Yale University & University of California, Irvine, U.S.A.;  Chevening alumni, Fulbright alumni.

All translations are revised by 2nd translator

100% delivered on time, to date

Special Fields   
We can handle the most specialized fields
We have been honoured to serve:
Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Presidency, Diplomatic Institue, Ministry of Culture, IDSC (Egyptian Cabinet), American Embassy, CID, USAID, THRUD, Shell Egypt, CEDARE,  CashNet, EuroNet, Banking Institute, ESTEFA (Saudi Arabia), Berlitz (Bahrain), and BIAE (U.S.A.).
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Managing Director
Name: Dr. Amal A. El-Hadary