Down by the river...
that flows by the coal yards.
Stand wooden houses ...
with shutters torn down.
There lives a girl everybody  calls Patches.
Patches, my darlin` of old shanty town.
We planned to marry..
when June brought the summer.
I couldn`t wait.. to make Patches my bride.
Now I don`t see  how that ever can happen.
My folks say no... and my heart breaks inside.
Patches, Oh what can I do ?
I swear .. I`ll always love you .
but a girl from that place...
would just bring me disgrace..
so my folks won`t let me love you .
Each night  I cry... as I think of that shanty..
And pretty patches... there watching the door.
She doesn`t know that I can`t come to see her.
Patches must think ... that I love her no more.
I hear a neighbor... telling my father.
He says a girl... name of Patches was found..  floating face down in that dirty old river.
that flows by the coal yards.in old shanty town.
Patches ....Oh what can I do ?
I swear.. I`ll always Love you .
It may not be right... but I`ll join you tonight ..
Patches, I`m coming to you ..
Sung by Dickie Lee
This Page is dedicated
With All My Love
to my big sister FRANNIE...