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There have been since April 15, 2000.


"Homeless for the Holidays"

"Homeless for the Holidays"
Original Air Date: 
December 19, 1996
Episode Number:   #58
Director:  Davis Guggenheim
Writer:  Samantha Howard Corbin
 With rumors abounding about her HIV-positive status, Jeanie finally tells her co-workers the truth. Meanwhile, Greene and Weaver clash over how to institute policies regarding HIV-infected employees. Also, Doyle helps an abused woman escape from her husband. Charlie, the 14-year-old girl who convinced Ross to immunize a baby that she cares for, brings the infant to him again. Ross determines
that the baby has a tumor. The mother, Gloria (TIA TEXADA), is missing, so he operates without her consent. When Gloria finally arrives at the hospital, she is on illicit drugs and is furious about the surgery. When Ross threatens to call the authorities, she leaves. Charlie is upset because she was staying with Gloria. After performing well in the child's successful surgery, Benton asks Keaton to recommend him for the next pediatric surgery rotation. She refuses because she feels that Benton's remote manner would not make him a good pediatric surgeon despite his excellent technique. A critically burned homeless man is rushed to the emergency room, accompanied by his dog, Nick. Greene promises the dying man that he will take care of the dog. While washing Nick in the emergency room, Greene falls and gashes his forehead. Jeanie is the only qualified staff person available to treat him. Reluctant because she is HIV-infected, Greene finally allows her to stitch his injury. After inviting Gant to attend a family holiday party with him, Carter reneges to be with Keaton. Gant is depressed because his girlfriend ended their relationship. Meanwhile, with nowhere else to go on Christmas Eve, Ross brings Charlie to Hathaway's home. Hathaway, who is celebrating a Ukrainian Christmas with her family, lets a now-homeless Charlie stay overnight.
Pictures:  (from ERcaps.com)
 >> Dr. Greene With Doughnut
 >> Dr. Greene and Dr. Weaver Talk About Jeanie's HIV Status
 >> Carol Celebrating a Ukrainian Christmas

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