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I'm 18, 6'0, and I'm now a seasoned veteran to the craziest city in the world--New York, NY!  I went to Bella Vista High School in Fair Oaks, California.  Now I'm going to Columbia University in NY, and its awesome!  To contact me, you can message me on AOL IM, or email me.  My screen name for AOL is "eruben".   You can email me at ear2102 (at)
I like tennis, reading, chess, and studying such random things as thermodynamics and quantum mechanics.  Ahem, just kidding, thats what I have to do for school, and it sucks.  Get me out of my misery--please email me, and sign my guestbook; don't be shy!
Family:  Mom, Dad, and two sisters, ages 16 and 12.
Don't mess up my room while I'm gone!
Click here to see a picture of my whole famliy.
Friends:  Everyone here in NYC and back home!  IRick, Chris, Trev D. and K., Derren, Deepak, Simon, Maryam, Kumar, Scott, Sena, Roscoe, and everyone else!
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