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East East signifies Religion ... here you will find information on the religion Islam.
West West deals with Web Related stuff. Here you will find links to HTML tutorials, sites offering free graphics, a special article on how to make your site Speech Friendly and other such similar links. West also houses Life's Like That - Free Background Sets made by yours truly.
NorthWhy not join the Animal Lovers Club or the Book Lovers Club? Or read Just Stuffeth to pass your time, for a few laughs or for a few words of wisdom .. it's all there.
SouthWant to visit other sites, want more exposure for your site - add a link or exchange banners with me here, travel on a ring, see new places, check out my awards ...
What's New?Pretty self exlanatory, isn't it *G* Find out about all the new additions to this site.
Last Updated: July 31, 1998.
About This SiteWant to know the basics about this site. How it came to be, when and why and the reason why it does not have a name?

My world This beautiful gold charm has been taken from Artmaker Studio. and has been made by Cecilia Price - many thanks to her :). This gold charm will take you to The Land Beyond Time. Prepare to walk down a magical path and let your imagination lead the way ...

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The song "Eastern Wind"
was written by Stephen C. May III,
especially for this site
Thanks, Stephen!!!!
Please do not use it without his permission.

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