I'm a ketchup lover like you. I'm interested in eating food, having fun and enjoying it with ketchup . I want to find out what your ideas are ketchup on and how they compare with mine. 

Actually I work in a field dealing with nutrition but when it comes to ketchup I break the rules (except when it comes to serious medical restrictions on food). 
I'd like your imput into what you would like to see on the menu of a fast food restaurant which caters to ketchup lovers.  I'm going to collect your ideas.  Then I'll try to send out a newsletter to fellow ketchup lovers with the results of my survey.

Answer these questions:

What should be featured on the menu of , " Ketchup is Fine Food" fast food restaurant?

Would your friends enjoy a restaurant that features dishes with ketchup?

How much would you charge for these specialties?

What types of ketchup have you tried?  Which do you prefer?

Send your answers and comments to: WeLikeKetchup@aol.com

Send me your answers
Name: Erwin