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Yep... still lacking a better pic
Yeha! Ok I made some additions to the posse page ( just need to start adding pictures, and making it navigatable, is that a real word? I have no clue!). Also I'm taking in to consideration to start html for the site, so ya know I can have some funky java script stuff going on, and thats if I get my act together (lol). Finally I think sometime next week I'm going to take a venture over to my daddy's house and do some scanning, since ours is kinda dead (R.I.P. Mr. Scanner). So until then, don't expect to see very many changes.
Eryn Elizabeth Contessia Tsarina Raimondo~
& Trowa the emoticon ///_~  (ain't he sexy?)

I think this is about the 15th website I've started.... and I doubt it will be the last ( lets just hope I update it more fequently then the others).
Anyways this is just my place to put stuff on the web, and hey if that interests you take a look. If not thats your own problem, and too bad for you
Eryn Elizabeth Contessia Tsarina Raimondo~
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