Beautiful chalet 3 km far from Granada, in the South East of Spain. It's situated in a residential area in the village of Cájar, with good comunications with Granada. The house is suitable for 7-8 people. It has two floors, with 5 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 2 livingrooms, a kitchen, outside area with table and chairs and a terrace with views of Granada. 

    Parking: It is no problem to park in the street. If you want you can park inside the chalet.

    Heating: There are gas and electric heaters throughout the house.

    The house is in a residential area 10 minutes by car to the centre of Granada. Regular buses and taxi to the centre of Granada. Best for up to 9 people. Peaceful area. Excellent communications for beach, mountains, Alhambra, and 25 minutes to drive from this house to the ski station.

   Granada is an old and modern city. It has lots of interesting places to see: The Alhambra (old muslim palace), the Cathedral, the Albaicín, ...Also it's a university town with plenty of cultural activities.  

    Photos of the house


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           Albaicín                                                                 Houses next to Darro River


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    Apartamento en Ogíjares


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