Carmen Elena Arevalo

5112 Terra Vista Way, Orlando, Fl. 32837. (407) 948-2290        email:


Highly Motivated and  Result-oriented professional with Communication Skills and Organizational Capability. Strong Background with more than 7 years programming and application development experience.   Has functioned in various roles, including Analyst/programmer, Lead Developer, Developer and Chief Administrator.




v      Proficient in: INFORMIX-4gl, INFORMIX-SQL, RPG/400, RPGILE/400, SDA/400, CL/400, SQL/400,

v      Familiar with: ORACLE 8i/9i, DATAFLEX, DBase IV, FOXPRO, CLIPPER 5.0


v      Database: SQL/400, INFORMIX-SQL

v      Platforms: Windows, OS/400, UNIX, DOS

v      Office Tools:  Microsoft office suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, MS project), Lotus Notes, Netscape Navigator 4.0 Plus, Internet Explorer 4.0 plus;

v      Web Design: FrontPage

v      Design Tools: Design-One Methodology by Arthur Andersen Consulting,  MAPINFO (Digitalization of Maps)

v      Others Tools: Automated Testing Tools


v      Good knowledge of PC hardware, peripheral devices, NCR TOWER, IBM AS/400, HP 9000



administrator/systems analyst

The Truck Parts Depot, Inc Nov 2002 – Present – Orlando, Florida

v      Test Pilot, Implantation and maintenance of the Integrated System of Administration, Distribution and Sales PTM (Part-Time Manager)

v      Processing Payroll, Reconciling Payroll sub-ledger to the general ledger. Remitting payroll Taxes and government reporting. Preparing monthly, quarterly and year-end payroll statements.

v      Developed Excel spreadsheets and Access database applications to control internal invoices, office supply inventory, and simplify daily tasks.

v      Developed Excel spreadsheets to simplify daily Cashier duties and payroll.

v      Control of Accounting, bookkeeping, credit and collections, data entry, finance, payroll, and taxation. Prepare Corporate Federal Tax Returns and Sales Tax Returns.

v      Design and Development Web page The Truck Parts Depot, Inc


Coordinator mehodology development of systems/Analyst programmer rpg AS-400/ QA specialist

Banesco Bank,  Venezuela   August 1998 – October 2002

v      Coordination of process testing automate for taxes to the Banking Debits

v      Coordination and Planning of the Tests of Performance and Stress of Intranet BANESCO Bank

v      Coordination of the Methodology Development for the Automate Scripts of Tests (Unitary, Integral, Certified), using tools of Automated Testing.

v      Coordination of the Implantation of the Methodological Scheme for the Development and Maintenance of Information systems of the Organization.  Conduction of Projects Pilots to apply the Methodology.

v      Conformation Committee to merge or connect IT processes. 

v      Designs of Prototype for connect SWIFT Format MT950 to Banking Reconciliation System IBS Module.

v      Coordination and Control of the massive Extension of fields in Data Base System IBS, including modules Accounting, Banking reconciliation, peripheral Systems and related interfaces.

v      Development of the Process of conversion files.  Planning and Control in the process of Migration of Data at level Accounting, Banking System IBS.

v      Induction, Support and Maintenance of Banking System IBS; Modules Accounting, Data, Reconciliation, Financial Information, Statistical Balance and Reports.

v      Analysis, Redesign and Adaptation for automatic conciliation of the Module of Banking Reconciliation System IBS.


systems analyst rpg AS-400/distribution coordinator/administrator

Savoy Brands Venezuela, MAY 1994 - NOVEMBER 1997  

v      Revision, Identification and Recovery of the accounts receivable of Distribution Centers. Design Procedures to control the accounts daily.

v      Test Pilot of the Integrated System of Administration, Distribution and Sales in Branches.

v      Participation in the Implantation of the Self-service System (Load/verification of products by the Salesman in the Warehouse of Distribution Centers)

v      Coordination of the Operations of Distribution of the East Region of the Country. Analysis and Reconstruction of the areas, zones and routes of sales, works of field, control of the distribution from the point of sale. Pick up of potential clients, recovery of clients, analysis of numerical distribution of the channels and products. Processing of plans of action altogether with the management of the distribution centers. 

v      Construction of Digitized Maps MAPINFO. Boundary of the routes of sales of the main cities of the East of the country in order to analyze the logical sequence of the routes of sales.

v      Development of the Interfaces of Sales, Income, Debits and Inventories of Systems SICAV-FLEXLINE

v      Operations of Maintenance and support to users of the automated system of Fleet SAF, administrative system FLEXLINE and Payroll System INFOCENT



v      Analyst/Programmer RPG AS/400- LATIN AMERICAN PLUMROSE, CA (CARACAS-VENEZUELA) 1992-1993

v      Analyst/Programmer – CLINICA “EL AVILA”, CA (CARACAS-VENEZUELA) 1991-1992



v      Methodology of Tests - Group FYC, Compuware Corporation, Venezuela 2001

v      Leadership in Synergic Networks - Banesco Financial Organization, Venezuela,  2001

v      Training FACT TDC Operations Visa and MasterCard Banesco Financial Organization, Venezuela,  2001

v      Training of Quality of Attention to the internal Client Banesco Financial Organization, Venezuela,  1999

v      TOOLWEB/400 and FULLGEN/400 -Banesco Financial Organization, Venezuela,  1999

v      The New World of RPG IV -Banesco Financial Organization, Venezuela, 1998

v      Equipment of High Performance - I.E.S.A, Venezuela, Period 1998

v      Enterprise Competitiveness:  Strategy and Organization - I.E.S.A, Venezuela,  1998

v      Operation Systems of Flexaba Supplying - Engineering AISOFT in Software, Venezuela, 1996

v      Concepts of 2,3 DATAFLEX b II Level - Engineering AISOFT in Software, Venezuela,  1995

v      Concepts of 2,3 DATAFLEX b Engineering AISOFT in Software, Venezuela,  1995

v      Programming in Language CL/400 - Latin American Plumrose C.A.  Venezuela, 1993

v      Programming in Language RPG/400 - Latin American Plumrose C.A.  Venezuela, 1992



Universidad Centro Occidental Lisandro Alvarado (Venezuela). Degree:  Systems Analyst. 1991