Jack Cosgrove at Selznick Studios,  with a modified  35 mm projector that has a light source several times  more powerful than any  projector then in existance, allowing him to beam the image from one machine directly  into the lens of another and making possible the copying of color process plates and matte paintings with no appreciable loss of color.

Some Samples of Jack Cosgrove paintings at Selznick Studios.

The Garden Of Allah .1936.

Gone With The Wind . 1939.


Duel  in the Sun. 1946.


Text and photos from the book "DAVID O. SELZNICK´S HOLLYWOOD"


- Queen of Outer Space (1958) (special effects)
- Invaders from Mars (1953) (special photographic effects)
- Mutiny (1952) (special holographic effects)
- Flight to Mars (1951) (special effects)
- She Wore a Yellow Ribbon (1949) (special effects)
- Joan of Arc (1948) (special effects)
- Duel in the Sun (1946) (special effects)
- Spellbound (1945) (special effects)
- Since You Went Away (1944) (special effects)
- Action in the North Atlantic (1943) (special effects)
- Meet John Doe (1941) (special effects)
- So Ends Our Night (1941) (special effects)
- Beyond Tomorrow (1940) (special effects)
- Our Town (1940) (special photographic effects)
- Rebecca (1940) (special effects)
- Gone with the Wind (1939) (special effects)
- Tower of London (1939) (matte effects)
- Made for Each Other (1939) (special effects)
- Young in Heart, The (1938) (special effects)
- Adventures of Tom Sawyer, The (1938) (special effects)
- Nothing Sacred (1937) (special effects)
- Prisoner of Zenda, The (1937) (special effects)
- Star Is Born, A (1937) (special effects)
- Garden of Allah, The (1936) (special effects)
- Black Room, The (1935) (matte painter)
- Black Cat, The (1934) (special photography) (uncredited)