The pioneer filmmaker Norman Dawns is considered the father of the matte painting technique. He first used a glass shot in 1905 while working as a still photographer.
 Date of birth 25 May 1884 Argentina
Date of death 2 February 1975 Santa Monica, California, USA.


A glass shot on location. Norman Dawn painted the rooftop on glass for his film  "For the term of his natural life" 1926.



Director - filmography

Two Lost Worlds (1951)
Wild Women (1951)
Arctic Fury (1949)
Orphans of the North (1940)
Tundra (1936)
Showgirl's Luck (1931)
Black Hills (1929)
The Adorable Outcast (1928)
For the Term of His Natural Life (1927)
Min's Away (1926)
Typhoon Love (1926)
Shady Rest (1926)
After Marriage (1925)
Justice of the Far North (1925)
Lure of the Yukon (1924)
The Son of the Wolf (1922)
The Vermilion Pencil (1922)
Five Days to Live (1922)
Thunder Island (1921)
Wolves of the North (1921)
The Fire Cat (1921)
White Youth (1920)
The Adorable Savage (1920)
A Tokyo Siren (1920)
The Line Runners (1920)
Lasca (1919)
The Eternal Triangle (1919)
Two Men of Tinted Butte (1919)

Cinematographer - filmography

Wild Women (1951)
Arctic Fury (1949)
Orphans of the North (1940)
Tundra (1936)
The Right to Happiness (1919)
Destiny (1919)