Jenna painting a moutainscape for "Primevals" the Unfinished film by  David Allen.

Jenna Holman painting the a sun raising view from the space for "The Right Stuff "(1983)


- Clifford (1994) (matte artist)
- Grand Tour: Disaster in Time (Timescape)  (1992) (TV) (matte artist)
- Into the Sun (1992) (matte painting artist)
- Timescape (1992) (matte artist)
- Jagged Edge (1985) (matte paintings)
- The day after (1984) (matte artist)
- The Right Stuff (1983) (art supervisor: USFX)

She painted some spectacular skyes and views of the Earth, as backgrounds to filmed the miniatures.

- Caveman (1981) (matte artist)
- The Nude Bomb (1980) (matte artist) (uncredited)
- Buck Rogers in the 25th century (1979) (TV series) (matte artist)

To see some matte paintings she did with Dan Curry for "Buck Rogers" you can visit the web page of model maker Kenneth
Larson:   where you can see some impressive samples of miniatures and matte

I asked Ken Larson about the Buck Rogers paintings at his web page, and that is what he told me:

"Syd Dutton did some matte paintings for the original feature which became the  first episode. Jenna Holman and Dan Curry
(Dan was VFX Supervisor for Star  Trek for about 15 years) did all the paintings for the rest. Jenna did the  matte paintings of
New Chicago for the long shots."

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