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This is a place to remember Oscar isn't everything in film making.

This is a place for tribute.

Here are some of the Oscar most shameful snubs.

Marilyn Monroe.

Never nominated. Oscar calibre work in Bus Stop, Somelike it Hot, The Misfits... Hollywood's #1 icon and probably one of the top comedic actresses ever in the screen. Too beautiful to be considered an actress.

Alfred Hitchcock.

Nominated for Rebecca, Suspicion, Lifeboat, Spellbound, Rear Window and Psycho. Never won. Oscar calibre work in The Birds, North by Northwest, Frenzy... A star-director that almost always delivered masterpieces and had the audience's love. They ONLY gave him an Irving Thalberg award, which is NOT an Oscar..

Cary Grant.

Nominated for Penny Serenade and None but the Lonely Heart. Never won. Oscar calibre work in Bringing up Baby, North by Northwest, Charade, Operation Petticoat, His Girl Friday, The Philadelphia Story, Arsenic and Old Lace... Probably with Brando and Lemmon, the biggest anglosaxon screen actor of all times, specialized in Comedy, and who delivered a memorable team-up with Alfred Hitchcock. Versatile, capable of almost anything, always ignored.

Marlene Dietrich.

Nominated for Morrocco. Never won. Oscar calibre work in Witness for the Prosecution, Judgement at Nuremberg, Touch of Evil ... Another icon-actress that was simply too much - and too good - for Hollywood.

Richard Burton, Peter O'Toole, Deborah Kerr, Buster Keaton, Fritz Lang... too many to mention here. What proves this? That Oscar ain't everything, folks.
On the other hand, Oscar has been "grateful" with people like Jacques Cousteau, Bruce Springsteen, Prince, Phil Collins, Elton John, The Beatles, Annie Lennox and plenty of personalities (specially from the music world) that has contributed in any ways to the movies that earned them the win. Among the Oscar nominees there are even a couple of artists (Jorge Semprn and Melina Mercouri) that later went on to be Ministers of their countries. So, Oscar is NOT an exact science.
Who's left from here?

On the contrary of universla belief, Stanley Kubrick and Orson Welles DID win an Oscar. Welles won for Screenplay with Citizen Kane, and Kubrick won Visual Effects with 2001, a space odissey. Same goes with Charlie Chaplin, who won Original Score with Limelight.