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Raul Cerezo's Escarnio

Daniel Ortiz's La Plaga

Javier Daz Conde's La Vida Apesta

Jess Alonso's Adiccin (Addiction)

(director, editor, producer and writer)

Official Competition: Mlaga's Fantastic Cinema Week 2001

(push the image to download it)


Noche de San Juan 2

(Night of Saint John, part II)

(assistant director, editor and co-writer)


Music Videos

Vanity Bear "Chasermania"

A few comments on this one:

Intended to re-capture the early 80s spanish music videos spirit, the short film pacing as comfronted to the music's rythim, Chasermania is a slow-paced, sometimes too quiet feature. I've been pondering to make a more 00's version plenty of inserts to give it more "actuality", but instead of that, I'm focusing in preparing the new Vanity Bear videos for "Un fan de Agatha Ruiz de la Prada" and "Bear Fatale is my name".

And yes, don't doubt it. This is a 100% gay video, beware.





Comida Basura

(Junk Food)

created by

Javier Daz Conde, Daniel Ortiz

& Jess Alonso



coming soon:


Neverending Party

(shooting this summer)

Hijo de un arma

(Son of a gun)

(currently shooting)